Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Positive thought...

This is a poem Brad wrote today as a way to deal with his grief. He was at the library looking out the window at the golf course and it was surrounded in caution tape and it made him think of my mom. Although there was no actual crime and no caution tape, he said that he felt it was a crime that she went so suddenly. He said he felt like she was robbed of her life. The final thought of the poem keeps his mind positive and hopeful for what's after this life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did-it made me cry because it is so true!

Floating yellow strands, with cold, black letters
Line the doorway of your dark, empty place.
“Not for the weak of heart,” the tape mutters,
As it flutters, like a slap in the face.
But the words don’t hurt anymore, because
The sun is still shining from heaven’s lap--
To remind how He has washed all your flaws,
How anyone can dodge the devil’s trap.
Burn on us now, and show us, the path:
That the bleakness of The Fall was usurped
By the power and glory of His death.
Hand in hand, go from the devil decerpt,
And let the tears be happy memories
Of a life, once in bondage, that is free.


I still truly cannot believe that my Mom is gone. I keep thinking "I should call her and ask her about this picture" or "Why I am taking all her stuff she's not going to have anything left". I keep saying to myself that it's not really happening but then I get a flash of the image of her when I found her and I realize that it is very real. I am sort of numb today, haven't cried much like the other days-it's almost like I have no more tears left. My Husband and his 2 friends are bringing her furniture to my Garage and my Dad is cleaning her apartment. I look into my garage and her entire life is stuffed haphazardly into it. Things are piled on top of things and I keep walking in there and just staring at the things that filled her apartment, the things that accumulated form her 61 years of life. She lived in her apartment for 20 years-I lived there for 8. She has things that were mine, things that I rolled my eyes at when I found out she still had them and told her she was goofy for keeping them-they are now things I wouldn't give up for anything in the world. I checked her e-mail and her cell messages nothing interesting. However when I checked her outgoing calls she had called Urgent Care two days before she died and talked for 1 min 18 secs. I don't know what was said but it makes me sad to think she was bad enough to look into it 2 days before her death but ignored what her body was telling her. I miss her terribly and I am still wondering if it's true...I hope not.

I was just about to push publish when I thought "oh I should call my Mom and tell her I posted." It made her day when I would blog, she checked it everyday and unfortunately I barely blogged, I wish I would have been better. It brought her such joy.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hey Everyone-

This is Kelly, Kristen asked me to write a quick update for all of you with regards to her mom.

The Coroner called and it looks like nothing obvious led to her passing. They are doing a toxology screen to make sure there weren't any lethal amounts of anything in her system, which they said is very unlikely-they just have to check. Most likely she passed away from an infection and combined with everything, her body just shut down.

Brad and Kristen are going through her apartment now and making decisions and arrangements. Please continue to pray for their family!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Mom passed away yesterday

It was completely unexpected and I am stunned that this has happened. She was sick a couple days before thanksgiving with a fever and cough and her fingers and toes were getting numb. I told her she needed to go to the doctor but she said she'd be fine. Then yesterday she called at 11:15 and sounded terrible and could barely talk and was wheezing she said she would go to the emergency room but wanted to wait a couple hours so she could rest. She said she would call me at 3:30. After me freaking out and getting upset she asked me to just please wait -she wanted to be able to walk into the ER. She didn't call me at 330 so I started calling her her phone was off . I had her neighbor go over and bang on the door and nothing. He got a key from the manager of the apartments and we went in together at 600 and she was very much gone. The EMT said she had been gone since about 12:30. We are fairly certain it was pneumonia but they are doing an autopsy to confirm.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!!

My baby boys turned three today. It is sad for me but they are really getting so independent and it is exciting. We started off the morning with donuts for breakfast. Then we got the two big kids off to school (more on the princess going to school later) then we went to the park after taking the munchkin to the doctor. We finished up the night with the kids watching Wall-E with Daddy who isn't feeling very well. It was a great day. The kids all opened a present after breakfast. Aunt Jody (not blood related but the closest person the kids will have to an Aunt because Brad and I are only children) sent each kid a present because three birthdays are within a week and then she doesn't want to leave the Prince out so they all get one. It turned out to be a really great day. The bulldozer was amazingly grown up today. He was a helper all day and was just very proud of himself and how responsible he was being (we were too!!)

too tired to sit up and open the present

really excited about the card-it has a lobster!!!
Too cute for words!


and some more handsome. Three handsome guys!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The boy continues to amaze us

So we were just about to brush the kids teeth and I look over at the munchkin and he looks like he is going to stand up in the middle of the floor. This is no new thing, he attempts to do it often but never does. Well, tonight he did it. We were all so excited!!!! The first video he really did stand up in the middle of the floor but I didn't record that the second video you get to see the whole amazing feat. Oh his physical therapist is going to be so proud!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here is a much better video...

I took this one the day after he first walked and he has been continuing to walk just little bits like this. We do have to set him up for it for the most part though. It is so exciting!! You might want to turn the volume down on your computer, apparently I was very excited (and a bit loud).

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Look who's walking!!!!!!!!!

Brad came home a bit early today from work and when he walked in the door he was greeted by the munchkin. Well the munchkin went up to him and used Daddy's leg to stand up. Then he proceeded to take 3 unassisted steps. Then we sat down and had him walk to us. He was so proud of himself and the Bulldozer at first wanted to help him walk (he came over to hold his hand-really cute!!) but we said that he was doing it himself, and then he kissed him. It was an exciting day at our house. The video isn't that fantastic because I am trying to catch him and record him at the same time but the third time he walks he takes about 4 steps. It's more than he has ever done and we are amazed at how well he is doing!! Lately he has been cruising around furniture but he never tries to balance on his own.

Monday, June 29, 2009

I need to catch up

I have so much to blog about and I now have a friend holding me to at least 3 posts per week, so hopefully I can do it. Where shall I start? How about our Anniversary trip.... We had an absolutely amazing time!! It began on Saturday night when we went to see the Taming of the Shrew with Brad's Shakespeare class. Yes, it is strange to begin your anniversary trip with your spouses English class but we both had an amazing time watching the performance. Then we went out for a drink with the class and then headed to our hotel. By the time we got there the club next door was clearing out so the parking lot was filled with half-drunk gangster looking people and we almost stayed at a different hotel! After considering the fact that we would have to drive around L.A. looking for a hotel we decided we were exhausted and would just stay where we originally planned. It was a very nice hotel and because they couldn't locate our reservation we got free breakfast for the next 2 mornings which was great! Sunday morning we woke up and went to the Farmer's market in Santa Monica. I was so excited to be there I started to get teary eyed and then when I saw how much fun our kids would have being there I really started to cry. After a moment I composed myself and just took in how awesome it was to be surrounded by organic produce. There was a band playing nice music and people were totally picnicking on the grass. We had brought a cooler so that we could come home with organic treasures. For our lunch that day we decided to get salad greens which came in a plastic bag, some sun dried tomato dressing, an heirloom tomato,strawberries, garlic butter and a loaf of kalamata olive bread all from different vendors. We grabbed a fork and knife from one of the other vendors and we went to the sit on the beach and have our lunch. It was so relaxing to sit with our lunch and enjoy it together. We then went wandering around all the little shops and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant then went back to the hotel. As we were relaxing and watching a show there was an earthquake! The hotel was swaying!!! We ran downstairs and I was totally freaked out. All was fine though and we went back up to our room for a good night sleep and then had breakfast in the morning and then headed home. There were no catastrophes at home and we had a glorious time. It was exactly what we needed!!

This was the Awesome fountain that we got to see in action after the performance. We were very impressed!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009


We had a BBQ with my friends that I have known forever. Since I am terrible at posting pictures my friend Chrissy has posted some on her blog so please go visit here to see the pics. They are sure cute and one day eventually I will post some on my blog. I hope to get caught up with blogging ove the summer but it probably won't happen.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


These bald heads are what I came home to after being at a rally for summer spectacular at church. We had talked about shaving these heads and Brad took the initiative tonight. They look adorable!

The Bulldozer sitting in his sisters car seat

The munchkin half watching tv and half looking at me

Saturday, May 16, 2009

We are leaving this afternoon for our Anniversary trip. We are hoping it is better than Last Years Anniversary Trip. We are staying two nights in L.A. We have the weekend planned out but I will share the details when we get back so I am not reiterating information. We are both so excited. I am a little nervous about leaving the kids for 2 nights but I am sure I will get over that very fast. Please pray that nothing eventful happens with the kids and that the munchkin eats for Grandma because our weight gain appointment is on Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I am sick

I don't think it is swine flu though because it started yesterday and I am feeling MUCH better today. This happens every year around this time-I go to bed too late and then I have one really long night where the kids don't sleep well and WHAM! Last year I got strep throat 2(or maybe 3) times in an eight week period. The kids are being pretty good-the bulldozer has actually been "washing dishes" at the kitchen sink for about 30 min. He is very happy there and I think he may have a system going. The princess is napping, the munchkin is talking to the TV when he is asked questions and the prince is playing in his room with his friend. I was able to clean the kitchen this afternoon -thank goodness! The only reason I am even feeling better is because my amazing husband watched the kids this morning instead of doing his homework. I was able to rest and get rid of my fever. Then the wonderful man took the kids to the park so I could shower in peace. He truly saved me! My only complaint is my throat is still a bit sore but I am treating that with echinacea tea with honey. Everyone else is doing well though. Brad has occasional kidney pain but he is okay for the most part. He has his pre-op appointment June 4th and on that day they will schedule the surgery, I think it will be a month after that- not sure though. Just wanted to update everyone.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Husband's Kidney

On March 9th a day after my Husband turned 27 he went into the emergency room because of excruciating pain in his kidney area. He had had that pain before but this time it was so terrible that he had to go into the ER. We found out that his left kidney was not working but that hospital could not do anything for him but give pain medication because we don't have insurance for him. We applied for medi-cal and he has seen a urologist in Moreno Valley at the county hospital 3 times-the third was today. He found out what we had been suspecting, that his left kidney is not working due to a severe obstruction that he has had since birth but it hasn't given him problems until the last year or so. In about two months-we don't know the date for sure yet- Brad will be having his left kidney removed. The right one is still working fine but it may give him trouble later in life. I will update with the date of the surgery when I know.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Munchkin is Doing AMAZING things!

I never reported this to everyone but we went to the GI doctor in Feb and she wants him to gain a good amount of weight by mid May or they will want to put in the feeding tube. Well, we have started putting a small amount of prune juice in his bottles of pediasure plus the neccessary 3 scoops of Calorie booster in each bottle. And let me tell you he is totally gaining weight!!! Also, he used to spend a good part of his day cranky, like screaming cranky-not fun. Well since the addition of the prune juice he has been soooo happy. He is like a new child. He also has many new tricks. He can pull himself up to stand in the hallway and open doors, he can also walk along the hallway holding onto the wall. He needs less support when we are helping him walk and today he got his gait trainer (medical walker). He was so excited and so was his brother and sister. They wanted to help him when he was in it and the bulldozer came up to me and said "Bike" and pointed to the garage. He wanted to take the munchkin outside with his new wheels so they could ride "bikes" together. So we went out and they had so much fun. I let the munchkin wander around the cul-de-sac where there were no obstacles. He was very tired after already having had therapy and then trying his new walker out for a second time but it was so fun. I pushed the munchkin home because he was just too tired to walk himself and when we got to the driveway, the bulldozer hopped off his bike so he could push his brother up the driveway, while he was pushing, he kissed him on the shoulder. It was the sweetest thing ever. Here are some short videos and a couple pictures.

He is so happy!

The bulldozer enjoying playtime outside with his brother

He got really tired at the end of this.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cardboard Testimonies

Our church is doing this at the Easter services. Brad and I have both decided we want to do it but, we are going to need a BIG piece of cardboard. I am thinking refrigerator box size.....

Check it out if you have never seen it

This video is not from our church.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Today's Fabulous Purchase

My entryway has been begging for something interesting.

It has been desiring something to make it feel like it is part of the house.

I spotted it, the table I have been looking for,

On my way to the street fair with the kids,

There it was, right in front for me.

I pulled up right in front (a bold move, especially for me)

Jumped out and layed my hand on the item that would complete my entryway.


I had to get back in my car-I was blocking traffic.

So....I drove to the bank

pulled right up to the front of the yard sale-again and said will you take thirty for it- she said yes
Yeah!!! I almost burst with joy.

And then they delivered it to my house- we were only 2 streets away

And when they placed it for me they said- it looks like it was made for this spot.

I know-this is the table I have been looking for!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Older than I thought I was

Heard from the bathroom this morning.

**Upon noticing the headband falling out of the drawer onto the floor

Princess: Mommy, I need your headband because my hair keeps getting in my face

Me: No, you don't, your silly-I'm brushing your hair

Princess: Mommy, I need it. AND it's the color of your hair

Me: That headband is NOT the color of my hair-that headband is Gray

Princess: Yes it is Mommy, it's the color of your hair

Me: My hair is brown, thank you very much!

Just so you know, there was only one gray hair found on my head and it was discovered by my hairdresser and promptly removed by her.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh, what a day!

Well, it has been interesting so far. At therapy they informed me that the munchkin has been having crying fits- (I affectionately call them tantrums) and that they can't do therapy because he is screaming so much. Then they asked me if I knew how to control them-Ummm, no that's the main problem in our house! They also asked me if there was a better time in the day when we could do therapy, when he is in a better mood. Ummmm, no again, it's pretty much whenever you can catch him (or his twin for that matter) in a good mood and if you give him his way.

Then, when I got home I got an e-mail from The Prince's teacher reporting that he is not doing what he is supposed to be doing in school today.

Then, I got a call from my Dad, he was in a bad mood from something that went on today so that brings me down.

And then, finally (well for now anyway) I got a call from the Prince's step-mom saying that football practice would be starting tomorrow and she would come and pick him up at 4:30 then take him to practice at 6:00 and then return him at 7:15 on my weeks, two times per week. And then games are on Friday's. Ummm, I don't think so! I will be taking him to practice on my weeks so that will be an added stress, but at least I am not without my boy for that many hours. I am extremely selfish with my time with my boy. His friends always want him to come over to play and I have the hardest time letting him go. I only see him half the time in a month already, it is so hard to relinquish any extra time that I may have with him.

As I was writing this my best friend from Boston called me. When I heard her voice I started crying. I told her all about my terrible day and just talking to her made me feel better.

I just got off the phone with another friend and we are going to have a playdate tomorrow. The Lord sure knew who to send me to change my day from terrible to much better. Thank you friends!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Houston, we have a problem...


It Happened

The beginning of the end

We witnessed it with our own eyes

it was scary, you'll just have to see it for yourself...

His sister was more than happy to create a soft landing spot for him-made up of and Elmo chair and a blanket "Come on jump you can land here"

Immediate action had to be taken, so that we knew everyone would be safe. We took the bunk beds apart to ensure the safety and well being of the daredevil little sweetheart.

This is the room before the incident (with the slide out bed on the floor.)

This is the room tonight after they finally went to sleep

There is some rearranging to be done like headboards and foot boards and railings but it is good for now. We are down one boy tonight-he is at his Dad's, this arrangement may not work when he comes back- the excitement may send me them over the edge.

He has a future in Hollywood as a stunt man or maybe skydiving instructor. Not exactly what I had hoped for....

The Foods We Eat

By we, I mean all of us (Including you reading this). I just found a blog this morning that I am extremely impressed by. Ship full o' pirates, she makes her own deodorant for her family (healthy and cheap), she makes her own bread (mulitple loaves per day-she has a BIG family), and she makes her own condiments (Ranch and ketchup). She makes the bread and condiments due to High Fructose Corn Syrup. This article about HFCS is astonishing. I have been trying to avoid it for the Prince because of his behavior sometimes. But HFCS is in EVERYTHING! read the article and check out her blog you'll be amazed I have only read a few of her posts so far but really I am inspired to make more things on my own and not rely on the grocery store for everything by purchasing products in their most natural state and then creating from there. The thing that would save me the most time would be to make double of things, like banana bread, zucchini bread, pizza dough.... and freezing the extra for another day-not stuffing ourselves with the delicious banana bread all in one day. One suggestion I read in a free e-book from Minute with Molly was to bake all on one day, say Saturday, you would make your bread, muffins, loafs or whatever for the week. I hope you are inspired too. By the way that free e-book is awesome!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Funny Girl

So this morning the Princess got dressed and she was wearing a purple shirt and black skirt. I said"Oh, I forgot, you need to wear green today-it's St. Patrick's Day!" She looked at me puzzled and said, "Does he like purple?"

Later she comes up to me and says "When is the boy coming?"
Me: "What boy?"
Princess: "The boy who likes green..."

Clearly I need to explain this holiday further, she is definitely confused.

Hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day! I made Corned beef and cabbage in the crockpot which the kids would not eat (that's nothing new!) and we wore our green shirts. That was the extent of today's festivities. Tomorrow I get to get my hair cut-it has been soooo long since I have been. I can't wait!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


We went over to a friends house to see some of my friends from high school a few weeks ago. Two of this group are pregnant now and what cute pregnant tummy's they are! (The two on the right are pregnant, please don't mistake my belly fat for a baby bump)
Me, Erika, Sara, and Angie

Us with our Husbands- from the left Matt, Mike and Brad (Erika's Husband was putting their baby to bed)
We all went to each other's weddings except I did not go to Erika's because I was in the hospital on bedrest. If i had been at home on bedrest I was planning on going, my doctor didn't know that though. That is precisely the reason I was in the hospital-my doctor knew I was incapable of following orders. Anyway, Erika would bring me the best chicken salad sandwiches from her dad's restaurant while I was in the hospital. Sara and Angie helped take care of my two kids at home and brought food, movies and books. Angie even cleaned my bathroom while I was on bedrest. I love these girls I don't see them nearly enough!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I received this devotion in an e-mail from Above Rubies and I thought I would share. I have copied the entire page.

**All writing belongs to**


Philippians 2:14-15, "Do all things without murmurings and disputing: that ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God without rebuke,in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world."


Psalm 106:25, "They murmured in their tents, and hearkened not unto the voice of the Lord." Read the story in Numbers chapter 14, especially verses 2 and 27.

Where were the people complaining? In their tents, which were their dwelling places in the wilderness. Where does most complaining happen? In the home. But what does it do? It tears down the home, whether we complain about our circumstances, the work we have to do, or our husband. Not only do the walls of our home hear it, but our children hear it--and God hears it!

The children of Israel murmured and complained against Moses and Aaron, but when God heard it, He said they were complaining against Him. God says in Numbers 14:27, "How long shall I bear with this evil congregation, which murmur against Me? I have heard the murmuring of the children of Israel, which they murmur against Me." Stop press! Help! When we murmur and complain about all our problems, God hears it as murmuring against Him.

The ten spies had returned from spying out the land of Canaan. It was a land flowing with milk and honey, but they complained about the fortified cities and the giants they would have to fight. It looked impossible! Even after all the miracles of coming out of Egypt and provision in the wilderness, they did not believe God could help them. They blamed Moses for bringing them out of Egypt. They complained that all their children would be taken as salves.

What happened? God told them, "Get back into the wilderness..." He told them that they would all die in the wilderness and their children who they complained would be taken as slaves would be the ones who would go into this magnificent land. Where do we end up when we complain? In the wilderness.

Wives and mothers,
we take our families into
a wilderness journey
when we complain!

The root of complaining is unbelief. "Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?" The Israelites cried out in unbelief. (Psalm 78:19). "How could we ever have another baby?" you cry out in unbelief. "We can hardly make ends meet now!" "How can we afford to educate our children?" "How can I put up with this little house any longer? I need more room" And so it goes on.

Here's a good habit to start. Change every sigh into a Hallelujah! Every time you are tempted to complain, turn your heart to the Lord and acknowledge His power and His presence. "Thank you, Lord, I trust you. I know that you are ordering my footsteps. I thank you that you are with me in these circumstances." It will take time to establish this new habit, but keep at it.

It doesn't mean that your circumstances will necessarily change, but you will change. God promises in Isaiah 43:1-3 that when you pass through the waters, that "I will be with you. They will not overflow you." God says that when you go through the fire that "You will not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle upon you."

What is our confession? "I'm going through a fiery trial. I don't know how I can make it." Or, "Thank you, Lord, no matter how hot it gets, I will not be burned because you are with me!"

I remember when complaining as a young child that my mother would immediately direct me to think about those who were poor and suffering in the world and didn't have all the blessings that I had. It's not a bad idea. There are millions in the world who live in abject poverty, without running water, adequate food, shelter or any of the basic amenities of life which we are used to. My husband, who has ministered in the slums of India and many third world countries, often says, "Just to live in a tent in America makes you a millionaire!"

I think about the Karen people, the displaced people of Burma who have been fighting a genocidal war against them from the Burmese government for over 50 years. We complain about keeping up with homeschooling. The Karen try to school their children while they live in hiding. We complain when things are not just as we want them when we give birth. Many Karen mothers give birth while running from the enemy. No time for recovery. No time for relaxing with their baby. No gifts. No excited calls from family and friends.

The wife the founder of the "Free Burma Rangers" shares about the love, forgiveness and generosity of the Karen, even in the midst of suffering and hardship. She says, "The gifts they gave were of themselves--their time, energy and love. In my experience in the West it is easier to go to the store and buy a trinket as a gift. For this reason I have chosen to raise my children in this war. The influence of these people is something I have never experienced anywhere else."



"Oh Lord, I find it so easy to complain. Please give me strength to create a new habit of praising instead of protesting, gladdening others instead of grumbling and being content instead of complaining. Amen."


"Not for the lip of praise alone,
Nor e'en the praising heart
I ask, but for a life made up
Of praise in every part!"

Horatius Bonar

Many women like to save these devotions. They print them out and keep them in a folder to read over and over again. Some print them out and pin them on the fridge with a magnet to read through the week. If you are printing this devotion and need it to be smaller, highlight and change to a smaller font.

If you know others who would be blessed by these devotions, you are welcome to forward them or let them know they can subscribe by sending a blank email to

Saturday, March 14, 2009

An Accomplishment

One of the Munchkins goals from therapy is to be able to sit at the edge of something with his legs hanging over. And he has done it! He has reached other goals since this one (reached in December) but this is just so cute because he is so little. Just thought I would share how proud we are and how proud he is of himself.

Sharing the spotlight with their brother

"Look at me Mom, I am doing it"
The bulldozer and his cutie smile

Friday, March 13, 2009

Christmas Day!

We woke up and opened our presents. Before we started the opening I popped the sausage strata in the oven, which takes and hour to cook.By he time we are done opening presents we eat.Then I pop the cinnamon sticky buns in the oven to be baking while we ate the strata. So yummy!! The food was a lot of preparation the night before and I will probably only make one next year-most likely the sticky buns-mmmm they were so good. We gave the rest to our neighbor across the street or else we would have finished them. Here is some pictures-no pictures of the food though I do have the recipes if anyone wants.
A family of jammies!

The boys

The girls
Her puppy (pretend) she asked for

Teamwork to open their big present

A little people train set

Happy Birthday Jesus! Lots of sprinkles!!!!

The blanket the Prince made for the boys

Look at that morning hair

Ooh, what is it?

I'm excited!

So now I am done with Christmas posting-Yeah! I do have a few more things to catch up on. This auto post thing is great! I can write up a bunch of posts and set them to each post one per day instead of posting six at once and then not posting forever. It is marvelous.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Craigs List

Well today I posted something for sale for the first time on craigslist. It's our patio table set, the kids prefer to climb on it so we wold prefer to have something not as dangerous to just sit on. I was not planning on listing it for so much($200) but after doing some price research, another table was on there for sale for $200 and it was only 5 pieces (half what ours is) and not nearly as nice, so hopefully with the money we make we can buy a "conversation set" I would like to find something similar to what we want at a thrift store but we will see.

This is what we are selling:

This is what we want-basically

****UPDATE**** It sold within 5 hours for full price to the first person intersted. We then had 6 other inquiries before 11pm. It had only been on Craigslist for only 9 hours. Craigslist is awesome!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Festivities after our company left (Christmas Eve)

After the Grandmas left I had 2 pairs of pajama pants to finish making, we had a birthday cake for Jesus to frost, I had sticky buns and sausage strata to prepare to put in the oven for the morning. It was a busy evening. The kids opened their pajama pants from mom and their shirts from Dad that he made. We were all so cozy.

My shirt says "God is Love"
...So does Daddy'sBulldozers shirt says "Stick with Jesus" with a picture of drum sticksThe munchkin in his jammies-his shirt says "pick Jesus" and has a picture of a guitar pick Her shirt says "Some day my Prince will come"

Very little frosting went on the cake Don't you frost your cakes wearing a leotard??

My sweet boys