Monday, June 30, 2008


The boys have been very lovey lately. The Bulldozer has been the initiator of most of the sweetness but then the munchkin reciprocates with the kisses. When I had to put them in the bath yesterday 45 minutes earlier than usual I had to find something to entertain them so I brought out the bubbles. That was the most fun ever! Because everything was wet, the bubbles stuck to the walls and the kids. They had an absolute blast! Just thought I would share the trick, we will definitely be doing bubbles in the bath more often.
** I do have a small hand-held bubble blower that I bought at target for $5 that works
I am going to inform everyone that the munchkin has lost a pound, I am currently waiting to find out when we will be getting the feeding tube, it is definitely inevitable now. The hospital stay is 2-3 days which will be interesting to work out but my husband's work is willing to cooperate with his schedule, that is a good thing. I will update with the surgery date when I know.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jumpin' Around

We were given an amazing gift today. A friend of my Mother-in-law's gave us a bounce house, not like a huge one but one that is big enough to entertain my kids when I need it to. The Prince is not here this week, he is at his Dad's, so did not get to enjoy it with the little kids today. They were cracking up being in there together. Oh, and when I was blowing the thing up, I almost passed out. I had and electric pump for the bigger bottom part, but the top part had to been blown up manually, whoa, my fingers started getting numb and I almost went down. I am okay though, thank you for your concern LOL. My little munchkin LOVES to be in the middle of everything playing with the big kids even though he can't do the things they do. He is so cute, and by the way, the big kids rolling on him, is not hurting him.

We are beginning to plan out vacation for the summer, which will be a camping trip to somewhere cooler than where we live. Camping should be interesting with our bunch, but if we don't camp we don't get to do anything, everything else would be too expensive.

That is all the info for now, have a good evening.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Tooth Fairy Needs an Assistant

Yesterday was an awesome day, we went to church as we always do on Saturday night and then after we went to McDonald's. We let the kids play in the play place after they ate, which we haven't done in a very long time. The twins have never even been there before because we a;ways go though the drive-thru. After that we went to Golden Spoon for some frozen yogurt. The two big kids were so cute, they sat at a table together eating their frozen yogurt. The Prince noticed that his tooth was hurting and about to fall out so he looked at it in the mirror where he was sitting and announced loudly that "My tooth is bleeding" "okay, we don't have to announce it, do you want me to pull it out?" (I replied ever so quietly) "Noooooooooo, it's fine" He let me pull it out when we got home. I sent my Husband to the store for $5 cash and then the tooth fairy forgot to put it under his pillow. Can you believe her?? If she shows up tonight, we will be having a little discussion. I told the Prince that since he lost his tooth so late last night, at 8:45, that she already had her "home visits" scheduled and she didn't find out early enough that she needed to stop here. She can get very busy with all these first graders and their empty mouths! He bought it, thank goodness, and she will be coming tonight, she felt TERRIBLE for forgetting last night!

Today the kids and I went to costco while my husband was at work, I spent $339 ugh. I told my husband how much I spent when he got home and he reacted like I just shot an arrow through his heart. Then he asked, "well you got food right?" I said "Well I got everyone new outfits (Pause-just to see him sweat) just kidding I got lots of food, no clothes and paper products, like diapers, paper towels.... you know stuff we need." "Oh, okay he said" it killed him that I spent that much, it almost killed me when I saw the total, I couldn't even push the cart!

Busy day tomorrow, it is unbelievably hot here, can't go outside unless driving somewhere air conditioned, the munchkin can't take it. Have a great week!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pictures from Summer Spectacular

Here are three boys from my group

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Spectacular!!

We have been attending Summer Spectacular at our church all week. There are about 1,000 elementary age kids, 100 preschool age kids, and about 500 volunteers. I am volunteering as a first grade shepherd. It is so awesome! Today the children's pastor gave the salvation message and then asked if any of the kids had prayed to accept Jesus. Three of the kids in my group and three of the kids that were in my son's class in school accepted Jesus today. There were of course MANY others, those are just the ones I know of that I got to see come back with their Bibles. I was crying, I was so excited for them. It is the whole reason we are all there this week. So exciting!!! Today was crazy hair day so I thought I would share a picture of my two kids and me before we left this morning. This is the only picture we have remembered to take this week, oh well, at least there is one.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Job Update

Just wanted to let everyone know that Brad is still working at his same job, he has informed them that he is NOT willing to do anything that would go against his morals. Before telling them this he had been having trouble sellng memberships, he sold 1 in 4 days. That was a definite low for him. After the conversation with his boss he sold five memberships in 4 hours-that is the way it has always been. I am so proud of him for standing up for what he believes in, he is a role model for our family. Thank you to everyone who has asked me about him. We appreciate your prayers and concern.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Let's Dance!

This morning the kids danced. We of course could not get the three of them to cooperate and dance at the same time, so we have three videos. We are so proud of the munchkin and how well he has been moving and using his left side. Good job sweetheart! Anytime he hears music, he starts dancing or tapping(shaking) his foot, he loves music.

**All the vidoes are less than a minute long**

This one is the bulldozer: spin, spin, spin and then crash. He usually does this "cool man groove" dance, but today spinning was his choice. At the end there is a rolling performance from the munchkin.

And the princess, she does high kicks and tip toe walking and then decides she needs to run off to play... but not without the Bulldozer.

Monday, June 9, 2008

What's Going on?

Today my oldest had an awards assembly for reading 400 books/chapters this year. We worked our tushies off to read that many, and he was given a certificate for it. There were a lot of other first graders up there accepting certificates also, but he knows I am proud of HIM!

I just paid bills, I always feel like I am forgetting one. I get so nervous, I have a chart printed out of all the bills I pay monthly and I have it broken down into 1st and 15th but still I get nervous. I guess it is because before I had this system, I forgot about bills all the time- I couldn't keep them straight and there would be late fees galore. We are more organized now.

We got Directv installed yesterday, but-it doesn't work. They are trying to fix it but they don't know what the problem is. It is frustrating. It is not like we are missing shows, we haven't had any cable or anything but movies for 1 year now. It is the anticipation, the kids are excited, we are excited, and the excitement has turned to disappointment. I'll let you know when we get it working. (If I ever turn on the computer again, I have a lot of Jon & Kate plus 8 to watch, I need tips)

The Prince has a party a pump it up tonight, we have never been there. It is his end of the year baseball party. I really don't want to bring the twins-I don't want to be cranky with the Prince because they are cranky, I don't want to have to leave early because they are cranky, and I don't want to have to pay $10 for the two of them to do nothing. Childcare is in the works, we will see if the people I have pleaded to are up to the task tonight.

Okay I think that is all I have. Have a great day!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Jesus

I just heard this song for the first time yesterday. Yeah, I don't know where I have been but I was completely impressed by this song. Enjoy!

Oh, I forgot!

I have had some Really great ideas for posts, but I keep forgetting what they are by the time I get to my computer. So I shall post about whatever comes to my mind.

Yesterday was the last day for Mom2Mom until September. It was and awesome day. We had worship time and the Mentor Moms had their extravaganza which included gifts for each mom, a beautiful breakfast, the tables were set and they served us our food. Also they did this absolutely hilarious dance. It was so Fabulous!

My Husband is done with his job, like to the point where he called me last night and said I almost walked out and I still might. I have been waiting for this so I replied- What do you want me to pray for strength to walk out or strength to stay? He said-I don't know

He has been so miserable there for a while now but he has been hopeful that it would get better, it's not. He has a bald patch on his face, (hair no longer will grow there-it used to but not anymore) and we are pretty sure it is from stress, he needs to get away from that job.

Busy day today- what's new?