Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oh, I forgot!

I have had some Really great ideas for posts, but I keep forgetting what they are by the time I get to my computer. So I shall post about whatever comes to my mind.

Yesterday was the last day for Mom2Mom until September. It was and awesome day. We had worship time and the Mentor Moms had their extravaganza which included gifts for each mom, a beautiful breakfast, the tables were set and they served us our food. Also they did this absolutely hilarious dance. It was so Fabulous!

My Husband is done with his job, like to the point where he called me last night and said I almost walked out and I still might. I have been waiting for this so I replied- What do you want me to pray for strength to walk out or strength to stay? He said-I don't know

He has been so miserable there for a while now but he has been hopeful that it would get better, it's not. He has a bald patch on his face, (hair no longer will grow there-it used to but not anymore) and we are pretty sure it is from stress, he needs to get away from that job.

Busy day today- what's new?

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Hailey said...

I will be praying for you hubby (I promise I won't write their names until you do!). It must be so difficult for him and in return for you and the kids.

I pray that the Lord will give him a new opportunity and/or the strength to persevere through the current unbearable circumstance. We know first hand how the Lord can deliver an amazing job into your hands after much prayer!

Love you girl!