Friday, August 29, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I am so excited, I have been tagged...Here's the deal, I have to list 6 unspectacular things about myself, then tag 6 other people...

1. I have a deep desire to sing worship music with my husband. Not just in the house but at church or as a ministry. The problem is that I can't really sing, well not well enough for anyone to want to listen. My husband is very talented he can play guitar and sing. He tried to teach me to sing once but-once just won't cut it.

2. I completely LOVE being pregnant. I am totally jealous when I see someone pregnant, yes my last pregnancy was terrible with the bed rest and all, but I still long for that feeling of the miracle growing inside me. After my first pregnancy I seriously considered being a serrogate because my ex-husband didn't want more kids and I desired so greatly to be pregnant.

3. I love baking but the problem is that I usualy won't let the kids have more than one or two servings because it is not good for them and then I will end up finishing it-especially if it is cookies!!

4. I MUST have a plan for everything. For example-before giving baths I discuss with my husband what the plan will be, who will wash, who will dry. What will the other person be doing while the other one is washing. I think about it, discuss it, recap (for understanding) and then execute. It drives my husband crazy "We would already be done if we didn't talk about it so long"-he says. My reply is "How would we know what we were doing if it wasn't discussed???"

5. Every night before getting into bed I first bring my water into the bedroom, then wash my feet, then put lotion in my hand and walk to my dresser, put on chapstick (Carmex-I have three containers of it strategically placed through the house), climb in bed and put the lotion on my feet. Every night that is the sequence. If something has been forgotten then I have to put lotion on my feet again-How could I be expected to sleep with dry feet?

6. I can't stand saran wrap. I mean really, who in their right mind would create something so terribly frustrating?? Yet I still continue to purchase it, what does that say about me? Obvioulsy I am not in my right mind, I am sure that my insanity has nothing to do with my children!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008


We got to go camping! We got a call from StorAmerica on Thursday and they told us we had won a $50.00 gift card for gas. So on Friday morning we decided to go camping. We left friday after lunch (we had to come back to the house 3 times for things we forgot), then we picked up the gas card, stopped at the store and then we were finally on our way! We were going to go camp at a wilderness campsite but as we passed Lake Hemet we decided we would stay there. It was a nightmare and a dream all at the same time. There was loads of crankiness and dirt. Brad and I were EXHAUSTED as were the kids but it was so worth it. The campers next to us came at 9:30 and set up six tents and they were up making way too much noise until 1am (lights out is supposed to be at 10pm) I was the only one that had touble sleeping under those conditions. The weather was beautiful, it was 89 during the day and 60 at night. We all woke up at about 7am and had breakfast. Brad and the prince had to go searching for the reel for his fishing pole. When they were fishing the day before, the prince unscrewed his reel so when they finally caught a fish, the reel fell apart in Brad's hands. The fish had time to get caught around a reed so they had to cut the line. Catching a fish was sure a highlight. However when they were walking back to camp they realized they had dropped the reel somewhere. They went searching in the morning for it. Another highlight was the bulldozer climbing up this huge slide. It freaked us out but he was completely confident that he could do it and repeatedly did! The princess tried to climb up the slide at first but then she got scared. She said" Iwll stand down here(at the bottom) and tell Bulldozer GO BULLDOZER!" Then finally she got wnough courage and she was more excited about that than any of the other stuff! We also roasted our own hot dogs and made s'mores.
It was so wonderful to have been blessed with gas maoney to make a trip that we longed to take but wouldn't have been able to. Praise God for his blessings!

There were definitely some sad times!

And some curious times!

It was so beautiful there, I had never been before.

How many calories are there in dirt? If there is a good amount we might start feeding this little boy dirt because he seemed to enjoy it much more than any other food we feed him!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Waaaay too cute!

I can't believe we have made it to a time when I would be posting this. We took out the boys cribs tonight. I have been thinking about removing the cribs because the lack of space has been driving me crazy. Well tonight we did it. All the kids were completely obsessed with jumping on the twin mattress we put on the floor. We felt this was the safest with the munchkin being so munchkin-y still. We had a special little introduction time to the new bed and then we walked out. There was some crying and escape attempts, but they only lasted 20 or 30 min. By 8:45 it was quiet in there. At 9:00 there was some giggling and then quiet. We just went in to check to see how and where they were sleeping at 9:50 and this is how we found them. Had these cuties been wearing the same pajamas, we would not be able to tell where one begins and the other ends. They couldn't be closer if they tried! (I took a chance and used the flash-I had to, how could I pass up this cuteness?)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

So Impressive

Really all you need to know going watching this clip is that the munckin is using his left hand, the one the never uses. I am so impressed. The other day he tried to climb into the dryer-he couldn't get all the way in so he just stood there leaning on the opening removing clothes. That same day he climbed onto the dining room chair and then onto the table. I was right there being his spotter, just so you know. Oh and he smacked me at the end of the video, its okay though I forgive him, but only because he is so cute!

I have many other things to post about, I am just exhausted right now. I will try later.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Weight Lifted

We have decided, my husband and I, that we are not going through with the feeding tube surgery. One of the ladies that comes to the house to work with the boys came by today, but not to work with the boys. She came to let us know that ever since I told her about the surgery she has been praying and that she thinks we should get a second opinion. From her perspective, he is doing too well for a setback like this. She said that she has seen kids that need feeding tubes and it is because they don't eat. That isn't the case for the Munchkin. She prayed with us and then Brad and I talked about it and we decided that we will not be taking him for surgery. The doctors' office called to ask us if we were confirming our surgery date and I said well actually I tried to call you but the office recording came on. We are not having the surgery. And I told her our reasoning. The nurse at the office said, Well, good! If you don't feel he needs it then you know him best. If the Doctor feels very strongly against this the she will call you. I deeply thanked her for her call and making me feel better about our decision.

Thank you to everyone for praying for our family!

Last night I was able to go to a bible study at the church. It is a 10 week study and I went at week 7. I didn't realize I would be joining in the middle but I am sure glad I did. We are doing Beth Moore's-Believing God. Wow, it is so amazing! The part that stuck out in my mind is when she says that "There are times when we cry out to god-Lord what do you want me to do in this situation- and he says-I already gave you an answer, you're just looking for a different one." How true! With this feeding tube I didn't want to get it but I wanted it to be the Doctors decision not mine. I did not want the responsibility of having the decision on my hands. If it hindered his current physical abilities, then it wasn't my fault. If he continued to not gain weight, then it wouldn't be my fault ( If I was able to talk her out of the feeding tube) Now Brad and I have made this decision together, not because we can blame one another later if we made a poor choice but because we know our son. We know how well he is doing right now, and we can't possibly hinder that growth.