Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh My, My

Wow it was a hard day. The three little ones are just crying all the time because of their teeth. Multiple times during the day I didn't think I was going to make it through. I layed on my kitchen floor praying for strength to continue with this unbelievable day. I am exhausted and I haven't been able to complete tasks today without interruptions. It makes me feel so unproductive to constantly be taken away from what I am doing to tend to who knows what. Then I look at my children as they are in pain and very sad- but not in too much pain that they can't bite or hit or smack each other-with as much love and patience and kindness as I can muster for the moment. There were a few times when I had to just walk in the backyard and close the door behind me just to hear silence for a few moments. So here I sit, releasing the tension of the day with my computer, which by the way has never once yelled at me or hit me or any of my children for that matter. Oh the computer gets the most well behaved of the day prize- hey I think I just had an idea for my kids:)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

... and one that is 3!

My sweet Princess is three today. It is so amazing how much she matures every day. She is so kind-unless her territory is in jeopardy, she is thoughtful and loving and gets so excited when the munchkin does something new and fabulous-she exclaims "Mommy, look at you little munchkin!" She puts up with so much from her brothers which has made her amazingly tough! She was born 5 weeks early weighing 6lbs. 3oz. and stayed in the NICU for 10 days because she had respiratory distress. I was so excited to have a girl so we could do "girly" things and she wouldn't have it any other way! She got a dancing princess DVD for her birthday and she watched it 5 times-it teaches you to dance like the princesses. Oh my, she had to have on her princess dress and her ballet shoes "like the girls".
Their party is supposed to be tomorrow BUT everyone is not themselves. Both boys are teething-molars, and they are beyond miserable. The oldest came home early on Friday from school with fever and the princess had a fever last night and today and she is having some mouth pain that we can't seem to figure out. We are postponing the party because we don't want the kids to be miserable at their party, they only get one birthday each year, they need to enjoy it! I will be calling everyone that was coming to the party in the morning. I am sad about it but they had a miserable day today and we don't want the same sadness for tomorrow.
She did have fun opening presents and having a cake and she tanked me for her pretty cake and for her movie and she also hugged both brad and my legs many times to say she loved us, She is truly a sweet girl. Happy Birthday Princess, I thank God for my sweet Angel. She is the exact daughter I always dreamed I would have!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

2 that are 2!!!

My boys are 2, I can't believe it. Starting out so unbelievably tiny to now be 23lbs and 16lbs. They are so sweet and so busy and I am so grateful to the Lord for them. They have been such a blessing and have taught something to everyone in this family! They are amazingly busy, curious, kind and wild. The bulldozer can say so many words now: Hi, stinky, thank you, by, five, yes, no and so many more.
The Munchkin plays peek-a-boo by putting his hand over his nose, his totally thinks he is invisible when he does this. He answers me when I ask questions by saying "Yeah", no matter who or what I am asking. He is so strong now and his legs don't shake when he tries to stand.
They are both so wonderful!
I tried desperately to take a picture of them together when we went to the park today but there was no such cooperation, as usual!
Tonight we are having pizza, because they both love it and I am making cupcakes. Theirs and the princesses party is next Sunday and her birthday is next Saturday. It is a very busy time but fun this year. Last year they were still too young on their birthday and I wouldn't even let them have cupcakes. I am so excited that they are past that first very difficult stage(yes I realize we have entered a new defiant stage) so that we can do fun things like outings and parties. At the time it felt like it was never going to end and like our baby stage was going to continue FOREVER! But it has not and our sweet boys are toddlers. When I am looking through the pictures I have posted on here and it transitions from when they were tiny and cuddling to the bulldozer my heart skips a beat, each time I see it.
Thank you Lord for these miracle boys you have given us!

***The pictures from them being very tiny are all gone, I only have a few hard copies (but I don't have a scanner). Our computer had crashed and we lost all those pics but I was able to save some from my myspace page. I can't find any from their first birthday either, they may be gone also***

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gotta See!

Brad and I will be going to see the movie Fireproof next Friday. Kirk Cameron is in it and he is my friends brother, if the movie does well it will stay in the theater past the preview time. We are so excited and we are going to go out dinner first! Yeah!!!!!!!

Another thing you gotta see is the pictures my friend Katie took of us. She is just starting a photography business and she is fabulous!!!! We took the pics at her house and it was so relaxing, I wasn't worried about time or cooperation from the kids. They played with her kids toys and it was just wonderful. At an actual studio it would have been a nightmare! The setting was perfect and she was so patient and accommodating AND the pictures are amazing!!!! Thank you Katie!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Munchkin

His last appointment at the GI doctor was on 7/30 and he weighed 15 lbs 8oz. Today at therapy he weighed 16lbs 10oz. Now I realize that it is a different scale and he was wearing clothes for this weigh-in and not the last one but I am pretty excited. Just thought I would share.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hi, I am still here!

There has been so much going on here I truly can barely go on the computer. Here is the quickest way for me to share our happenings, a list.

  1. Brad switched jobs a few weeks back. The other one was barely giving him 40 hours. This one despite the fact that he is working with asphalt, pays more and gives over time so we are happy.

  2. We painted the boys room, the Prince got to pick the color he was sooooo excited and felt really special. We got new bedding for his room on clearance and 20% off and the paint we get a rebate on (YEAH)

  3. We (Brad) worked on the side yard. We got all the plants on sale AND we had $10 off coupons and we did it for so cheap! WE have to have it done on a deadline or we get a fine from the HOA so I am glad we began now.

  4. The Prince started first grade, I am so excited. I really feel like it is going to be a fabulous year.

  5. The munchkin is pulling himself up to stand everywhere! He is doing so fabulous. He climbed up half the stairway at church tonight and then scooted on his bottom back down.

  6. I am planning The little kids birthday party for the end of this month and a Halloween party for the end of October for the Prince and his friends. He is so excited, I know because normally when he gets in his dad's girlfriends car he barely says bye. After we decided to have the party he got in the car without saying goodbye rolled down the window waved, blew a kiss, waved again and said "I Love you Mom, Bye, See you tomorrow" Oh yeah, we are totally having a Halloween party every month-just kidding! But he is finally feeling special because the babies are not taking all of our time anymore.
  7. The Princess starts dance lessons next Wednesday, she is so excited she can't even take it!
  8. The boys got haircuts at the beauty college this morning they did so good! I only got a pic of the Bulldozer, I forgot to take one of the munchkin.

Here are some pics to catch you all up...

I will post pics of the boys room and the side yard later.