Saturday, September 20, 2008

2 that are 2!!!

My boys are 2, I can't believe it. Starting out so unbelievably tiny to now be 23lbs and 16lbs. They are so sweet and so busy and I am so grateful to the Lord for them. They have been such a blessing and have taught something to everyone in this family! They are amazingly busy, curious, kind and wild. The bulldozer can say so many words now: Hi, stinky, thank you, by, five, yes, no and so many more.
The Munchkin plays peek-a-boo by putting his hand over his nose, his totally thinks he is invisible when he does this. He answers me when I ask questions by saying "Yeah", no matter who or what I am asking. He is so strong now and his legs don't shake when he tries to stand.
They are both so wonderful!
I tried desperately to take a picture of them together when we went to the park today but there was no such cooperation, as usual!
Tonight we are having pizza, because they both love it and I am making cupcakes. Theirs and the princesses party is next Sunday and her birthday is next Saturday. It is a very busy time but fun this year. Last year they were still too young on their birthday and I wouldn't even let them have cupcakes. I am so excited that they are past that first very difficult stage(yes I realize we have entered a new defiant stage) so that we can do fun things like outings and parties. At the time it felt like it was never going to end and like our baby stage was going to continue FOREVER! But it has not and our sweet boys are toddlers. When I am looking through the pictures I have posted on here and it transitions from when they were tiny and cuddling to the bulldozer my heart skips a beat, each time I see it.
Thank you Lord for these miracle boys you have given us!

***The pictures from them being very tiny are all gone, I only have a few hard copies (but I don't have a scanner). Our computer had crashed and we lost all those pics but I was able to save some from my myspace page. I can't find any from their first birthday either, they may be gone also***


Vacation Mommy said...

Happy Happy BIrthday Big Boys!!!!

Webb Family said...

happy b-day boys! i love the pic of brad holding them upside down in the last post!

Genny said...

I can't believe they are 2!! Happy birthday boys!!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

What great pictures! Love the missing red sock:) Happy birthday, beautiful boys!

Jennifer said...

Hi Kristen.... This is Jen McLean (AKA Legere). You left a comment on my husbands blog... I could hardly believe it. How do you find his blog and how did you know it was me? I look forward to hearing from you and about your beautiful family. Please contact me when you get a free moment.