Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hi, I am still here!

There has been so much going on here I truly can barely go on the computer. Here is the quickest way for me to share our happenings, a list.

  1. Brad switched jobs a few weeks back. The other one was barely giving him 40 hours. This one despite the fact that he is working with asphalt, pays more and gives over time so we are happy.

  2. We painted the boys room, the Prince got to pick the color he was sooooo excited and felt really special. We got new bedding for his room on clearance and 20% off and the paint we get a rebate on (YEAH)

  3. We (Brad) worked on the side yard. We got all the plants on sale AND we had $10 off coupons and we did it for so cheap! WE have to have it done on a deadline or we get a fine from the HOA so I am glad we began now.

  4. The Prince started first grade, I am so excited. I really feel like it is going to be a fabulous year.

  5. The munchkin is pulling himself up to stand everywhere! He is doing so fabulous. He climbed up half the stairway at church tonight and then scooted on his bottom back down.

  6. I am planning The little kids birthday party for the end of this month and a Halloween party for the end of October for the Prince and his friends. He is so excited, I know because normally when he gets in his dad's girlfriends car he barely says bye. After we decided to have the party he got in the car without saying goodbye rolled down the window waved, blew a kiss, waved again and said "I Love you Mom, Bye, See you tomorrow" Oh yeah, we are totally having a Halloween party every month-just kidding! But he is finally feeling special because the babies are not taking all of our time anymore.
  7. The Princess starts dance lessons next Wednesday, she is so excited she can't even take it!
  8. The boys got haircuts at the beauty college this morning they did so good! I only got a pic of the Bulldozer, I forgot to take one of the munchkin.

Here are some pics to catch you all up...

I will post pics of the boys room and the side yard later.


Cris said...

I loved reading your catch up post! I'm glad things are going so well for you and the fam! I am so sad however, I forgot to tell you that we will be out of town and miss the Princess' party! I'm so sad. I know Em would've loved to attend!!! and me too!! I will be missing the first week of mom' But, I'm stoked about seeing family and to get some time off from this hot weather. =) xo

Genny said...

Nice update! Munchkin was going up those couple stairs in the nursery last night and then down the other side like a slide. It was so cute to watch him climb because he was using his head as leverage to get up. Its amazing how kids will figure out how to do something any way it works. And man that kid can roll fast, all of a sudden we would be like, where'd he go?? So cute.

Webb Family said...

the pic of the little boys in the dryer is so cute!! so where is the beauty college? is it cheap? i usually cut teag's hair myself but every once in a while it is good to get it done. :)

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

So much is happening in your life- but it's all GOOD! I'm so thrilled for you over all this positive news, you sound really upbeat in your blog post. Getting stuff done around the house always does wonders for me! I can't wait to see the boys' room and the yard. Reminds me...I should probably get in my yard at some point (sigh). I hate yard work.