Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cutest things of the day...

Okay, I drank lots of coffee very quickly and I am feeling a bit more energized. Soooo I wanted to share my new prized possession.... my new coffee cup I won playing Bunco with the girls from Mom2Mom. When I first saw it I thought it was cute AND THEN I brought it home and accidently set it down next to my day planner and they match. They are soooo cute together. And the cup has an adorable spoon attached so I don't have to look at the gaudy plastic spoon that always sits in my coffee cup. Also, It came with yummy chocolate caramel ghiradelli coffee that I have been hiding so I can enjoy it a little bit at a time.

Oh, the other cute thing is my six year-old son who pulled out his own tooth yesterday at school because it was bothering him. Now he has no front teeth, four open spots. He is so adorable, almost cuter than my coffee cup, just kidding!

So tired!

I have decided to begin a blog to chronicle my days with my children. I don't know if today is the best day to begin. I am exhausted!! I had three children awake from 2-4am. Normally just one baby is awake at that time and I can still function, but the other two apparently wanted to join the party last night. Oh and what a fun party it was!!!! We have this little ceramic chef in the kitchen who is holding a chalkboard and on it I write little things like "gladly serving: love" or it currently says "Today's special: kindness" I was thinking about crossing out kindness and writing "mommy got no sleep, good luck!" No really I am so tired, when I get like this I kinda of just wander around in circles all day forgetting where I was headed and what I was doing. Coffee doesn't even work when I am this tired. We'll see what happens.