Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So tired!

I have decided to begin a blog to chronicle my days with my children. I don't know if today is the best day to begin. I am exhausted!! I had three children awake from 2-4am. Normally just one baby is awake at that time and I can still function, but the other two apparently wanted to join the party last night. Oh and what a fun party it was!!!! We have this little ceramic chef in the kitchen who is holding a chalkboard and on it I write little things like "gladly serving: love" or it currently says "Today's special: kindness" I was thinking about crossing out kindness and writing "mommy got no sleep, good luck!" No really I am so tired, when I get like this I kinda of just wander around in circles all day forgetting where I was headed and what I was doing. Coffee doesn't even work when I am this tired. We'll see what happens.

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