Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Husband's Kidney

On March 9th a day after my Husband turned 27 he went into the emergency room because of excruciating pain in his kidney area. He had had that pain before but this time it was so terrible that he had to go into the ER. We found out that his left kidney was not working but that hospital could not do anything for him but give pain medication because we don't have insurance for him. We applied for medi-cal and he has seen a urologist in Moreno Valley at the county hospital 3 times-the third was today. He found out what we had been suspecting, that his left kidney is not working due to a severe obstruction that he has had since birth but it hasn't given him problems until the last year or so. In about two months-we don't know the date for sure yet- Brad will be having his left kidney removed. The right one is still working fine but it may give him trouble later in life. I will update with the date of the surgery when I know.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Munchkin is Doing AMAZING things!

I never reported this to everyone but we went to the GI doctor in Feb and she wants him to gain a good amount of weight by mid May or they will want to put in the feeding tube. Well, we have started putting a small amount of prune juice in his bottles of pediasure plus the neccessary 3 scoops of Calorie booster in each bottle. And let me tell you he is totally gaining weight!!! Also, he used to spend a good part of his day cranky, like screaming cranky-not fun. Well since the addition of the prune juice he has been soooo happy. He is like a new child. He also has many new tricks. He can pull himself up to stand in the hallway and open doors, he can also walk along the hallway holding onto the wall. He needs less support when we are helping him walk and today he got his gait trainer (medical walker). He was so excited and so was his brother and sister. They wanted to help him when he was in it and the bulldozer came up to me and said "Bike" and pointed to the garage. He wanted to take the munchkin outside with his new wheels so they could ride "bikes" together. So we went out and they had so much fun. I let the munchkin wander around the cul-de-sac where there were no obstacles. He was very tired after already having had therapy and then trying his new walker out for a second time but it was so fun. I pushed the munchkin home because he was just too tired to walk himself and when we got to the driveway, the bulldozer hopped off his bike so he could push his brother up the driveway, while he was pushing, he kissed him on the shoulder. It was the sweetest thing ever. Here are some short videos and a couple pictures.

He is so happy!

The bulldozer enjoying playtime outside with his brother

He got really tired at the end of this.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cardboard Testimonies

Our church is doing this at the Easter services. Brad and I have both decided we want to do it but, we are going to need a BIG piece of cardboard. I am thinking refrigerator box size.....

Check it out if you have never seen it

This video is not from our church.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Today's Fabulous Purchase

My entryway has been begging for something interesting.

It has been desiring something to make it feel like it is part of the house.

I spotted it, the table I have been looking for,

On my way to the street fair with the kids,

There it was, right in front for me.

I pulled up right in front (a bold move, especially for me)

Jumped out and layed my hand on the item that would complete my entryway.


I had to get back in my car-I was blocking traffic.

So....I drove to the bank

pulled right up to the front of the yard sale-again and said will you take thirty for it- she said yes
Yeah!!! I almost burst with joy.

And then they delivered it to my house- we were only 2 streets away

And when they placed it for me they said- it looks like it was made for this spot.

I know-this is the table I have been looking for!