Saturday, April 4, 2009

Today's Fabulous Purchase

My entryway has been begging for something interesting.

It has been desiring something to make it feel like it is part of the house.

I spotted it, the table I have been looking for,

On my way to the street fair with the kids,

There it was, right in front for me.

I pulled up right in front (a bold move, especially for me)

Jumped out and layed my hand on the item that would complete my entryway.


I had to get back in my car-I was blocking traffic.

So....I drove to the bank

pulled right up to the front of the yard sale-again and said will you take thirty for it- she said yes
Yeah!!! I almost burst with joy.

And then they delivered it to my house- we were only 2 streets away

And when they placed it for me they said- it looks like it was made for this spot.

I know-this is the table I have been looking for!


Webb Family said...

very nice!

Kelly said...

What a beauty! Love at first sight...those are the best!

Rich said...

I loved that you were blocking traffic to get it...yay for the great deal on an entry table!

Rich said...

aggg, Rich is my DH. I didn't know he was logged in... brossettelewis.blogspot . No strange man commenting, like a girl, on your blog.:)

Monica said...

Sweet find!!

Rissy Roo said...


Hailey said...