Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jumpin' Around

We were given an amazing gift today. A friend of my Mother-in-law's gave us a bounce house, not like a huge one but one that is big enough to entertain my kids when I need it to. The Prince is not here this week, he is at his Dad's, so did not get to enjoy it with the little kids today. They were cracking up being in there together. Oh, and when I was blowing the thing up, I almost passed out. I had and electric pump for the bigger bottom part, but the top part had to been blown up manually, whoa, my fingers started getting numb and I almost went down. I am okay though, thank you for your concern LOL. My little munchkin LOVES to be in the middle of everything playing with the big kids even though he can't do the things they do. He is so cute, and by the way, the big kids rolling on him, is not hurting him.

We are beginning to plan out vacation for the summer, which will be a camping trip to somewhere cooler than where we live. Camping should be interesting with our bunch, but if we don't camp we don't get to do anything, everything else would be too expensive.

That is all the info for now, have a good evening.


4 under 4 said...

That looks like SO much fun, I want one!!!! I know my kids would go CRAZY in one of those!!!

Casey's trio said...

Now that looks like fun! My kids would love to have their very own jumpy house. I'm cracking up about you almost passing out while blowing the thing up. I've had that experience with the blow-up swimming pools!