Thursday, June 12, 2008

Let's Dance!

This morning the kids danced. We of course could not get the three of them to cooperate and dance at the same time, so we have three videos. We are so proud of the munchkin and how well he has been moving and using his left side. Good job sweetheart! Anytime he hears music, he starts dancing or tapping(shaking) his foot, he loves music.

**All the vidoes are less than a minute long**

This one is the bulldozer: spin, spin, spin and then crash. He usually does this "cool man groove" dance, but today spinning was his choice. At the end there is a rolling performance from the munchkin.

And the princess, she does high kicks and tip toe walking and then decides she needs to run off to play... but not without the Bulldozer.


4 under 4 said...

So cute!!!!

Genny said...

awww, those were all cute! Munchkin has so much joy! He is moving really well! I have never figured out how to upload videos to the computer. Another thing I need to learn about blogging.... :-)

Shannon B. said...

How fun! Munchkin is getting so big and looking great! I haven't seen him in a while. What happened with Brad's job?