Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Spectacular!!

We have been attending Summer Spectacular at our church all week. There are about 1,000 elementary age kids, 100 preschool age kids, and about 500 volunteers. I am volunteering as a first grade shepherd. It is so awesome! Today the children's pastor gave the salvation message and then asked if any of the kids had prayed to accept Jesus. Three of the kids in my group and three of the kids that were in my son's class in school accepted Jesus today. There were of course MANY others, those are just the ones I know of that I got to see come back with their Bibles. I was crying, I was so excited for them. It is the whole reason we are all there this week. So exciting!!! Today was crazy hair day so I thought I would share a picture of my two kids and me before we left this morning. This is the only picture we have remembered to take this week, oh well, at least there is one.


Hailey said...

hey sweetie! It's been so fun this week. I wish I could have seen the little ones accept Christ - what a joy!

Love the crazy hair! You can also download any photo's from the church web-site of you guys!! I'm going to do it later and post some.

Crissy said...

You are so cute! I love how the Lord moves in children just the same as He moves in us! Praise the Lord for the lives being committed to the Lord this week! Wish that I got to participate this year, but I'm so stoked about next year!!

Catherine & Morgan said...

Simply awesome! We can't wait to do it next year, too! I had jury duty this week.