Monday, June 29, 2009

I need to catch up

I have so much to blog about and I now have a friend holding me to at least 3 posts per week, so hopefully I can do it. Where shall I start? How about our Anniversary trip.... We had an absolutely amazing time!! It began on Saturday night when we went to see the Taming of the Shrew with Brad's Shakespeare class. Yes, it is strange to begin your anniversary trip with your spouses English class but we both had an amazing time watching the performance. Then we went out for a drink with the class and then headed to our hotel. By the time we got there the club next door was clearing out so the parking lot was filled with half-drunk gangster looking people and we almost stayed at a different hotel! After considering the fact that we would have to drive around L.A. looking for a hotel we decided we were exhausted and would just stay where we originally planned. It was a very nice hotel and because they couldn't locate our reservation we got free breakfast for the next 2 mornings which was great! Sunday morning we woke up and went to the Farmer's market in Santa Monica. I was so excited to be there I started to get teary eyed and then when I saw how much fun our kids would have being there I really started to cry. After a moment I composed myself and just took in how awesome it was to be surrounded by organic produce. There was a band playing nice music and people were totally picnicking on the grass. We had brought a cooler so that we could come home with organic treasures. For our lunch that day we decided to get salad greens which came in a plastic bag, some sun dried tomato dressing, an heirloom tomato,strawberries, garlic butter and a loaf of kalamata olive bread all from different vendors. We grabbed a fork and knife from one of the other vendors and we went to the sit on the beach and have our lunch. It was so relaxing to sit with our lunch and enjoy it together. We then went wandering around all the little shops and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant then went back to the hotel. As we were relaxing and watching a show there was an earthquake! The hotel was swaying!!! We ran downstairs and I was totally freaked out. All was fine though and we went back up to our room for a good night sleep and then had breakfast in the morning and then headed home. There were no catastrophes at home and we had a glorious time. It was exactly what we needed!!

This was the Awesome fountain that we got to see in action after the performance. We were very impressed!!!


Kelly said...

What a fun anniversary! I think we should do a couples trip. screaming kids while everyone stands watching in horror as we manuever 2 shopping carts with 5 toddlers hanging off the sides like baby chimps. I'm glad you guys had fun and I am so glad to see you blogging! You're one post down for the week. I can't wait to read the next 2!

The Plonski Family said...

hey Kristen!! Glad to see your anniversary trip went so great! I bet it was hard coming back home to life huh? It was for us! We wanted to stay away for like...a week longer! haha

Kelly said...

This is the only place I can leave a comment for you. It has nothing to do with your original post. However, you know that I love you NOW BLOG!