Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Positive thought...

This is a poem Brad wrote today as a way to deal with his grief. He was at the library looking out the window at the golf course and it was surrounded in caution tape and it made him think of my mom. Although there was no actual crime and no caution tape, he said that he felt it was a crime that she went so suddenly. He said he felt like she was robbed of her life. The final thought of the poem keeps his mind positive and hopeful for what's after this life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did-it made me cry because it is so true!

Floating yellow strands, with cold, black letters
Line the doorway of your dark, empty place.
“Not for the weak of heart,” the tape mutters,
As it flutters, like a slap in the face.
But the words don’t hurt anymore, because
The sun is still shining from heaven’s lap--
To remind how He has washed all your flaws,
How anyone can dodge the devil’s trap.
Burn on us now, and show us, the path:
That the bleakness of The Fall was usurped
By the power and glory of His death.
Hand in hand, go from the devil decerpt,
And let the tears be happy memories
Of a life, once in bondage, that is free.


Kelly said...

I had no idea Brad was so poetic...essays that I dont understand a word of, yes, but not poetry! ;) It's beautiful, Kristen.

Hailey said...


Grandma Gingerbread said...

Hi Kristen, Brad & Kids,
I love all the pictures, videos and your vacation descriptions. You might want to change to month to July instead of August to concur the actual vacation trip days. I don't know, you probably just enter the date you post. Anyway, thank you for all the time and effort it takes to post! It really helps me and others to enjoy more of the daily happenings in your lives.
All My Love,
Grandma Ginger