Monday, March 16, 2009


We went over to a friends house to see some of my friends from high school a few weeks ago. Two of this group are pregnant now and what cute pregnant tummy's they are! (The two on the right are pregnant, please don't mistake my belly fat for a baby bump)
Me, Erika, Sara, and Angie

Us with our Husbands- from the left Matt, Mike and Brad (Erika's Husband was putting their baby to bed)
We all went to each other's weddings except I did not go to Erika's because I was in the hospital on bedrest. If i had been at home on bedrest I was planning on going, my doctor didn't know that though. That is precisely the reason I was in the hospital-my doctor knew I was incapable of following orders. Anyway, Erika would bring me the best chicken salad sandwiches from her dad's restaurant while I was in the hospital. Sara and Angie helped take care of my two kids at home and brought food, movies and books. Angie even cleaned my bathroom while I was on bedrest. I love these girls I don't see them nearly enough!

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