Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Festivities after our company left (Christmas Eve)

After the Grandmas left I had 2 pairs of pajama pants to finish making, we had a birthday cake for Jesus to frost, I had sticky buns and sausage strata to prepare to put in the oven for the morning. It was a busy evening. The kids opened their pajama pants from mom and their shirts from Dad that he made. We were all so cozy.

My shirt says "God is Love"
...So does Daddy'sBulldozers shirt says "Stick with Jesus" with a picture of drum sticksThe munchkin in his jammies-his shirt says "pick Jesus" and has a picture of a guitar pick Her shirt says "Some day my Prince will come"

Very little frosting went on the cake Don't you frost your cakes wearing a leotard??

My sweet boys

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