Friday, March 13, 2009

Christmas Day!

We woke up and opened our presents. Before we started the opening I popped the sausage strata in the oven, which takes and hour to cook.By he time we are done opening presents we eat.Then I pop the cinnamon sticky buns in the oven to be baking while we ate the strata. So yummy!! The food was a lot of preparation the night before and I will probably only make one next year-most likely the sticky buns-mmmm they were so good. We gave the rest to our neighbor across the street or else we would have finished them. Here is some pictures-no pictures of the food though I do have the recipes if anyone wants.
A family of jammies!

The boys

The girls
Her puppy (pretend) she asked for

Teamwork to open their big present

A little people train set

Happy Birthday Jesus! Lots of sprinkles!!!!

The blanket the Prince made for the boys

Look at that morning hair

Ooh, what is it?

I'm excited!

So now I am done with Christmas posting-Yeah! I do have a few more things to catch up on. This auto post thing is great! I can write up a bunch of posts and set them to each post one per day instead of posting six at once and then not posting forever. It is marvelous.

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Kelly said...

What a great idea to make a birthday cake for Jesus. I wish I had thought of that! Next year for sure! Oh and you all look adorable in your matching pj bottoms. :)