Thursday, March 19, 2009

Houston, we have a problem...


It Happened

The beginning of the end

We witnessed it with our own eyes

it was scary, you'll just have to see it for yourself...

His sister was more than happy to create a soft landing spot for him-made up of and Elmo chair and a blanket "Come on jump you can land here"

Immediate action had to be taken, so that we knew everyone would be safe. We took the bunk beds apart to ensure the safety and well being of the daredevil little sweetheart.

This is the room before the incident (with the slide out bed on the floor.)

This is the room tonight after they finally went to sleep

There is some rearranging to be done like headboards and foot boards and railings but it is good for now. We are down one boy tonight-he is at his Dad's, this arrangement may not work when he comes back- the excitement may send me them over the edge.

He has a future in Hollywood as a stunt man or maybe skydiving instructor. Not exactly what I had hoped for....


Kelly said...

You know, I wasn't surprised to see this. I'll be thinking of you at bed time!

The Plonski Family said...

Oh my goodness gracious what an explorer! I agree, we definitely don't need any stitches in that boy's head! haha, good luck with the new arrangement :)