Thursday, March 12, 2009

Craigs List

Well today I posted something for sale for the first time on craigslist. It's our patio table set, the kids prefer to climb on it so we wold prefer to have something not as dangerous to just sit on. I was not planning on listing it for so much($200) but after doing some price research, another table was on there for sale for $200 and it was only 5 pieces (half what ours is) and not nearly as nice, so hopefully with the money we make we can buy a "conversation set" I would like to find something similar to what we want at a thrift store but we will see.

This is what we are selling:

This is what we want-basically

****UPDATE**** It sold within 5 hours for full price to the first person intersted. We then had 6 other inquiries before 11pm. It had only been on Craigslist for only 9 hours. Craigslist is awesome!!!

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Kelly said...

That's awesome!! I love Craigslist too. We've bought and sold so much stuff on there.