Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The boy continues to amaze us

So we were just about to brush the kids teeth and I look over at the munchkin and he looks like he is going to stand up in the middle of the floor. This is no new thing, he attempts to do it often but never does. Well, tonight he did it. We were all so excited!!!! The first video he really did stand up in the middle of the floor but I didn't record that the second video you get to see the whole amazing feat. Oh his physical therapist is going to be so proud!


The Plonski Family said...

Oh my gosh!! Congrats!! He's doing so well now!! Whaa-hooo!!!

Monica said...

That is truly amazing! God is so good.

An update on my friend (in case you were wondering:) Her water broke two weeks ago (28 weeks) so she is in the hospital until delivery time. Her boys are growing well at this point and everyone is quite hopeful.