Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I am sick

I don't think it is swine flu though because it started yesterday and I am feeling MUCH better today. This happens every year around this time-I go to bed too late and then I have one really long night where the kids don't sleep well and WHAM! Last year I got strep throat 2(or maybe 3) times in an eight week period. The kids are being pretty good-the bulldozer has actually been "washing dishes" at the kitchen sink for about 30 min. He is very happy there and I think he may have a system going. The princess is napping, the munchkin is talking to the TV when he is asked questions and the prince is playing in his room with his friend. I was able to clean the kitchen this afternoon -thank goodness! The only reason I am even feeling better is because my amazing husband watched the kids this morning instead of doing his homework. I was able to rest and get rid of my fever. Then the wonderful man took the kids to the park so I could shower in peace. He truly saved me! My only complaint is my throat is still a bit sore but I am treating that with echinacea tea with honey. Everyone else is doing well though. Brad has occasional kidney pain but he is okay for the most part. He has his pre-op appointment June 4th and on that day they will schedule the surgery, I think it will be a month after that- not sure though. Just wanted to update everyone.


Webb Family said...

hope you get feeling better soon and hope to see you tomorrow. if not we understand...rest up! (i know that is near impossible with kidlets)

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Keep me updated on Brad's situation- still praying!