Saturday, May 16, 2009

We are leaving this afternoon for our Anniversary trip. We are hoping it is better than Last Years Anniversary Trip. We are staying two nights in L.A. We have the weekend planned out but I will share the details when we get back so I am not reiterating information. We are both so excited. I am a little nervous about leaving the kids for 2 nights but I am sure I will get over that very fast. Please pray that nothing eventful happens with the kids and that the munchkin eats for Grandma because our weight gain appointment is on Wednesday.


The Plonski Family said...

Have an amaaazing time!!

hcvacc said...

Hey there it's been awhile....looks like you have been doing well and staying busy!!! Really miss talking with you we really need to catch up sometime. You haven't even met Madeline yet. Let me know when a good time to call or stop by is???


Cherish Every Moment said...

Oh Kristen, I heard about the 2 earthquakes in LA while you were there. I couldn't believe it. Are you two okay? Hope it didn't ruin your anniversary trip. :(