Saturday, July 12, 2008

Uncle Brett

Well he is not actually and uncle but he is the closest Brad has to a brother. Brad is and only child, as am I, so we have to create Aunts and Uncles for the kids. The kids absolutely adored Uncle Brett, and it was so nice to have someone stay at our house. He left at about 9 this morning after making french toast for the kids, what an awesome Uncle! He has been on a "Super Vacation" Travelling from North Carolina where he lived- he sold his condo to go to graduate school full time. He has gone to (I believe) Colorado, Hawaii, San Clemente, our house, he is on his way to Arizona right now and I think he finishes up in San Diego. He is very kind and we were sad to see him go knowing that it will be a while before we can see him again. Yesterday the boys BBQ'd steaks, corn on the cob, potatoes, and chicken, and I made Brussel Sprouts inside. There was so much food! We had an awesome and lovely evening with Brett. The only thing that was missing was our Prince, he was with his Dad, but I think he would have remembered Uncle Brett from the wedding. Thank you Brett for coming, we will miss you!

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4kids&luvit said...

Aren't aunts and uncles great? ...even "adopted" ones:)