Friday, July 11, 2008

The BIG Stand-er

My Little munchkin got his stander yesterday, it will help him to put pressure on his hips so he will want to stand on his own. On the way to pick it up, my husband got pulled over by a police officer. Brad explained where we were going and he apologized and the officer let us go with a warning. Brad was going 67mph in a 50mph zone, the ticket would have been $497. Wow what a blessing, the officer was referred to as the nicest man in the world for the rest of the day(by us). I was going to try to catch a video of the kids taking turns pushing the munchkin around in his stander but I was too late they had exhausted themselves doing so and became cranky very quickly, here is a pic of my cutie though. I cried when I saw him in it at therapy. It made him look so big and so little at the same time, and it is another step farther away from "normal". I know that in God's perfect timing he will be healed, it is just that I am having trouble with the fact that the Lords timing doesn't coincide with my timing. I'm working on it. The munchkin is sure adorable in his stander and the other kids love to be able to push him and interact on a whole new level. I also included some pics of the family resting after running through the house with the munchkin. Brad's cousin (who was also his best man in our wedding) is coming to stay with us for the day and leave tomorrow. We are very excited and have been cleaning like crazy people. He will be here in about 2 hours I'll post pics (after we take them of course lol)


Webb Family said...

o.k. first of all-that is quite the contraption! Second, the munchkin looks adorable in his glasses. I can't believe he leaves them on!

Holly said...

Aawww Kristen the munchkin looks like such a big boy standing up! It must be a great perception for him to be able to explore at that level. And his glasses are ADORABLE! Such a cutie. And so nice to have your new wood flooring for him to "stand" around on too : )