Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All about Ironing

Ironing has never been my thing unless we have somewhere extremely special to go. Our form of ironing is to spray the clothes with a water filled spray bottle while you are wearing them and if you were really thinking ahead they might get sprayed before putting them on but that is highly unlikely. For Easter I purchased a pair of pants and I was doing my usual spray-to-iron technique and it wasn't working. I couldn't figure out why the water was beading off the pants. I was trying to smooth the water onto the pants to make the wrinkles get out still not working. I looked at the label, Plain as day it said "Stain Resistant" . I was so very frustrated. I had to bring out the iron-what torture! Why would a company cause you to iron pants, don't they know how many children I have??? Anyway, Brad's new job is at the pro-shop at the Bob Hope Classic Golf Club so he has to wear nice, unwrinkled clothes. Darn! He is perfectly capable and willing to iron his own clothes (He has been for the dropping off of applications, interviews and so on) but I want to attempt to keep his clothes ironed for him so that when they hit his closet, he knows they are ready to wear. We do have to get a new ironing board though. Ours is broken, it is bent and won't stay up high. It wobbles and is frustrating. If there is any hope of me keeping up with the ironing for him we will have to purchase a hanging ironing board-one that lives in the laundry room-then I can iron when the kids are awake.

Maybe we will try to teach the kids to "iron" like this helpful little boy I found through google. How much can I hire him for?

Just to let you know...

*I do know how to iron, I just choose not to

*Brad ironed before he met me, I converted him :) The first time I came at him with the spray bottle, he looked at me like I was crazy. He was like why are you getting me wet? You will dry, I said.

*My Mother taught me to spray iron- her philosophy is: "It is too hot where we live, and by the time you get where you are going you are sweaty and wrinkled again, so you have wasted your time ironing. Or if you have spray ironed-your are dry and look fabulous!!" Love you Mom

*My Best Friend Jody in Boston is also a fan of the spray iron technique she has three kids, (with twins) it is a busy mom ironing technique
* After rereading this post I have realized that I must live in a dream world, Do I really think that I can keep up with the ironing?? I will try though...


Holly said...

I sooooo do not like ironing also!
I have another technique for you that I use sometimes : ) If something is pretty wrinkled, put it in the dryer with a damp washcloth for 10 minutes and take it out as soon as its done. Usually does the trick : )

Anonymous said...

I've done the dryer ironing with the damp wash cloth. But, I've never done the spray iron! Woo Hoo! Another new technique to defeat the dreaded Iron. I don't even know where my iron is, that's how much I don't like to iron. When we remodeled, I put it somewhere and for the life of me, I cannot find it now, 2 years later...oh darn!!!

Webb Family said...

i hate to iron as well, it rarely happens!!:)