Saturday, July 19, 2008

A day trip

At the dentist

We had to drive out to Riverside to pick up the munchkins new frames for his glasses that he broke. Since we were going to be in slightly cooler weather we decided to pack a picnic lunch and find a place to eat it after we got there. The princess had her first dentist appointment early in the morning and then we would leave after that. By the way, she has two cavities, I know, I know what terrible parents. We have already adjusted the juice consumption and the teeth brushing has been upped. Just for the record, the Prince has never had a cavity. Okay so back to the story. On the way driving the kids were starving. I was handing our small amounts of snacks and we told them that when the temp dropped from 107 (Where we live), we would stop for our picnic. When we got into riverside it was 90 WooHoo what a treat. after driving around in the gorgeous historic district, we all want to move now, we found Fairmount Park. We found a tree and had our picnic, then we went walking around near the water. It was beautiful! The we left to the eye glass place, and then went shopping for my dress for the reunion, which is tonight. We decided to go. We paid for it and if we get into financial trouble later we will have a few options from our Moms. I am excited and nervous and I am worried that people will think I have abused because of two hug bruises on my legs-from when I put the kids in the car, I hit the cup holder every time! I tried to tan my legs outside today hoping it would maybe camouflage the bruises. We shall see. I will post pics from the reunion.


Holly said...

Looks like you guys enjoyed a nice family picnic in some cooler weather!! Hope you have a great time at your reunion tonight!! Can't wait to hear about it! And I'm sure nobody is going to notice your bruises - you're going to look great!

Hailey said...

I'm so glad you got out of town - even if only to Riverside! and YES - we're thrilled that you get to go to the reunion! I can't wait to see pictures!