Monday, July 14, 2008

Getting a little nervous

Brad is supposed to be done at his current job next week. He has already filled out a million job applications and reapplied at school. He only has 12 classes to take until he graduates probably Dec 2009. He will be graduating with a BA in English with an emphasis in Literature so he can teach High School English. He will of course have other things to do before teaching but he will be closer. He is so excited to be able to finish school and fulfill his dream. He is trying to find any job that would be flexible with school hours and he is looking into working two part-time jobs to be able to achieve that. If needed I would also be willing to be a server again to fill in any gaps. I am trying to stay faithful but I am beginning to question whether he should have quit in the first place. Maybe he was supposed to stay there and stick it out and be miserable to see how strong he was. I am just really hoping that the Lord isn't planning to make us homeless to see if we really do trust Him and love Him. Yes, we still would, so hopefully our marriage does not have to overcome any more trials like the ones we already have. Please pray for us, for strength and for our family to come closer together. I have noticed that we have been kind of on different teams, we have let ourselves get caught up in the craziness of our lives and we are just not working together. I know the Lord is trying to show us something through this time I am praying that we can "see" what it is he is teaching us and for it to really sink in.
I am also thinking about this reunion thing and how badly I want to go, why do I want to go? So I can be nosy and see what everyone has been up to. That is not what the Lord wants, I do not need to be concerned with other peoples' lives. I also wanted to go on a camping trip, first it was going to be for a week and then I was just wanting a day. A day away in cooler weather with our family. Well we have decided that it is just not in the budget to drive anywhere extra. We don't know what the future holds so we have to make good choices with what we have today. We do have some money that is saved up, so we will be okay for a short (very short) while. We can be closer to each other in our own home and that is where we need to begin.
Thanks for listening and praying and letting me vent. Have a good day.


Hailey said...

Oh Sweetie! Thank you for sharing your heart. We will be praying over here at the White House. I just finall caught up on your blog and I had no idea what all you were going through.

The Lord has a plan for your family. And for Brad's future. Our God is HUGE and I claim Psalm 77:14 for you - "You are the God who performs miracles: you display your power among the peoples."

He will give your family a miracle!

Love you - hailey

Webb Family said...

Your strong faith is encouraging. It is normal to question, but when you come back at the end to "o.k. God, I will trust" that is where we grow and learn. I am so thankful our God lets us ask those hard questions. I am praying for you guys. Thanks for sharing your heart.

Mommy2HayLo said...

Thanks so much for sharing!! What a picture of FAITH you are as well as an inspiration!!! We have an Everlasting God and everything comes together in his PERFECT timing!! You and your precious family will be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

God's got a perfect plan and I am so proud of you both for trying to continually be in God's will. His is the narrow path and sometimes the walls get tight but He will continue to bless you and carry you through!!!

miss you!!