Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Tricks!

This first video the munchkin has been doing this for a while now I just keep forgetting to let the world know. He easily transitions from crawling position to sitting.

This second video is breaking news. (Daddy hasn't even seen this trick yet)He has been reaching up to things to try to get up but he couldn't quit do it on his own. I took the cushions off the couch so it was lower and he did it! He climbed up all by himself. Yeah Munchkin! He has been doing so well, he has been eating 6 oz at a time and about 15-18oz per day. This morning he ate 7 oz. he also eats table food at every meal with us. We have our weigh-in on Wednesday, the doctor was on vacation when we called about the feeding tube before so the nurse said we should wait until our next scheduled appointment. What a blessing! He is eating 3x the amount he was eating at the time of his last weigh-in. Hopefully the doctor will agree that a feeding tube is not necessary! Thank you all so much for your prayers!

Some other news about the bulldozer. Do you remember when they all had to go to the emergency room for the battery incident? Well they had found that the bulldozers heart was skipping beats. We took him for an EKG and they found an Incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block (Incomplete RBBB). Brad looked it up on the internet because our cardiologist appt. isn't until Aug 5, and it said that f it is on the rught side it should be fine (which our is) It's the left side that brings MAJOR concern. So hopefully we are all good there, we shall see.


Hailey said...

I can't waitto hear about the doctor's appointment!

missing you guys, but enjoying this beautiful vacation. We had a picnic on the Ocean yesterday with sweatshirts on!

Holly said...

What awesome tricks!! You guys must be soooo excited! He's looking so much bigger just being able to do those things. And great news that he's eating more. What PERFECT Godly timing for his next appiontment. Can't wait to hear what the Dr. says.

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Keep us informed! I'm praying about the feeding tube situation and now this IRBBB. Psalm 34:4