Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Team Chaotic

Brad has found a job, it is not as much money as he was making but it has some really awesome benefits to working for that company. He is also looking for something else to fill in the gaps.

Brad was home because they called and said they didn't need him at work anymore, so last night I had all the kids pitch in with dinner which is much harder than just doing it myself but it was nice to give them that sense of accomplishment. The munchkin and the bulldozer were in charge of sitting in there seats and not screaming, I must say they did a nice job. The older two were in charge of making meatballs, setting the table, making the noodles, sauce and so on. After dinner I had the brilliant idea that we could go to the store and get some popsicles. We also had to pick up creamer so I could have my coffee in the morning. What a nightmare. There was so much excitement about the popsicles that there was yelling, and screaming, I couldn't even hear which ice cream they were so excited about. After calming down the hoodlooms, we decided upon our ice cream and left. The Prince referred to us in the car as "Team Chaotic" What a perfect label!

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Genny said...

Praise the Lord that Brad found a job! I'm sure that is a big load off your families shoulders. Funny story about the store, I don't like taking just one kid to the store, lol, so I can't even imagine!