Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The rest of Monday was, let's see, really, really hard! I won't bore you with the details so just trust me. However, I did get AMAZING news, my oldest son is Super Student!! We went today to the assembly that honors the super students. It was awesome. I am so proud of him, we have been waiting since kindergarten for this award. He started kinder at age 4, turning 5 at the end of November, so he is much younger than most of his peers. He has always been up to par intellectually, it was just getting him to focus that has been holding him back. Well he has done it. He completes his work now and he is just doing so very well. I am soooooo proud of him (oops, did I say that already?) It was a great morning. After the assembly I raced over to the church for our first day of Mom 2 Mom. We had a great morning. It was a pretty darn good day all in all! We ended the evening with four noisy kids in the bath together. They had so much fun because we don't normally do that. I tried to get a video of them but there were too many naked body parts for me to keep track of, I couldn't keep them out of the picture. They were all cracking up and there was water everywhere. The bathroom is still drying! Right before the Prince was getting in bed and I was saying his prayer with him, the Munchkin kept leaning in to kiss him and kiss him and kiss him. It was really sweet. He makes this sweet noise when he goes in to give kisses and the Prince was loving the sweet attention from his brother. It was a very lovey day, except the part where I had to put the coffee table outside because they kept standing on it. When my Husband got home he said "It feels so spacious in here, you moved the furniture, I like it like this... wait, where is the furniture?" And I said "Oh yeah, can you bring the coffee table back inside for me? It is on the back patio" I don't normally remove furniture but you know sometimes you just gotta do what keeps you from yelling. I am exhausted, I'm going to bed, another full day planned for tomorrow. We are still celebrating the Super Student, because we are so proud of him!!!

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Vacation Mommy said...

GO JAYSON!!!! Please tell him we all say congratulations on all of his hard work!