Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pretzels Anyone?

I was totally trying to do multiple things at once, starting the laundry, cleaning the bathroom and folding laundry (while the cleaner was working in the bathroom, of course) when I hear the Prince say "Mom, Mom ummm the Bulldozer is on the table and he is doing something very bad". "Ahh I have cleaner on my hands, I'm coming..."
This is what I found...

However, the Bulldozer has been in a amazing mood today since his very long nap. The teething pain must have subsided, for now. We went to a playdate with Mom 2 Mom at the park today. He was so good, until he started getting tired and in three minutes picked up someones (cold) coffee and spilled it on himself, emptied someone else's bag, grabbed another persons' sock, and started to empty a different persons' bag. He terrorized 4 people in record breaking time. Then we left, I was done. He was too, he fell asleep in the car.

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