Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Teething twins is horrible. I didn't think I was going to make it through yesterday, and then bedtime came. It was not really bedtime or so the bulldozer thought. He really has a hard time when he is teething, well it hard for me too.

Before going to bed I was trying to get the Princess to put her tea party set away, she was not listening. So I had to threaten to smack her bottom ( I usually only get to this point when I can take no more, and that is where I was) So she looks at me and straight ignores me, okay so I started to move closer to show her I would smack her bottom. She understood and sweetly picked up her toys. After thanking her I hear the Prince calling me "Mom, Mom" "Yes, what do you need?" I said. "Well, the next time you are going to smack her, I could do it for you!" "um well thanks Babe, But I think I will take care of it."
I was cracking up, he totally found a way to smack his sister without getting in trouble. He was probably thinking that THIS was a brilliant plan. Too bad I ruined it for him by not giving him permission.

On another note we did finish the garage except for the huge pile of donation stuff in the middle.
I will post pictures after we get rid of that stuff, maybe later today.

I also wanted to tell everyone why we call the bulldozer, the Bulldozer. When he was a baby he would roll onto anything he LOVED. Toys, our feet and especially his brother. He would always roll over him, like a bulldozer would. The munchkin was not as strong so he would scream because his big heavy brother was on top of him. He has kept that name because he now barrels through rooms and destroys stuff. The way he walks around just searching for the next thing he can get into is so funny.

Have a great day!


Casey's trio said...

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Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Oh, yes, teething twins...ugh. My girls just went through a bout of teething and it was rough. Your son is hilarious offering to smack his sister. I have 4 brothers and I'm sure any one of them would have offered the same thing! lol!

PS: Thanks for stopping by my blog!!