Saturday, April 5, 2008


  1. We have already attended a t-ball game. My husband is off on the weekends now so there is a lot less stress regarding said games.
  2. We are organizing the garage today. It is ridiculous. DH(Dear Husband) is at Costco getting another shelf unit and Lowes purchasing wood for a long shelf.
  3. Both Babies are napping right now, nice!
  4. The princess is enjoying a juice box, they are only for special occasions, she is feeling very lucky.
  5. The Prince is at his Dad's house this weekend, I miss him. I always want to call just to see what he is doing. I used to call all the time. I now refrain from doing so, it just annoys his Dad and him for that matter, He has better things to do than talk to his Mom on the phone. That's a six year-old for you.
  6. At 4:30 we have to be at the church to serve in the two year-old room. I love being there with DH. I love watching how wonderful he is with the kids. He was so meant to be a father, good thing we have a lot of kids.
  7. After church is always interesting, everyone is starving, all children must bathe (it's my rule, every night they have too get all the germs off of them from that day.), and then bedtime. It is always rushed but somehow it is still enjoyable.

That is the plan for the day, hopefully we will be able to finish the garage today so it doesn't have to take over tomorrow too.


The McGihon Family said...

Busy busy-we know how that is too :)

Webb Family said...

Good luck with the garage!

Hailey said...

Did your garage get organized? Post some pics if you have free time (what's free-time?)