Thursday, April 10, 2008

Already today...

  • The Bulldozer strikes again! He woke up at 5 am, we have already watched Toy Story.

  • The Munchkin woke up at 5:30 to eat 7oz. and he did not spit it all up, YEAH!

  • The Bulldozer has also found a new trick, climbing into the oven. I was standing in the kitchen at the sink and I turned around and he was in the oven. It starled me and I screeched.

  • It was a similar screech to the one I yelled into the phone yeaterday when a friend called to invite me to lunch at her house. The Bulldozer had gotten through the gate I have up protecting the rest of the house from his curiosity, and joined me in the bathroom while I was cleaning it. My friend called right at that same moment, she did not even get two words out when I turned around to see him dunking his bottle in the toilet. I screeched 3 times. Sorry Reichel!

He is exhausting me!

By 11 am I will have taken the Prince to school, switched cars and handed over the kids to my husband who has already been at work this morning. I will have gone shopping and gotten my hair cut. Also the Munchkin will have already been to physical and occupational therapy.

I am tired, where's my coffee?

We haven't gotten the bungee cords yet, I need them. Maybe I should use them for the kids and not the chairs..... just kidding.

I can't even send The bulldozer outside, he rips all the flowers off the plants.

He's out of control.

Have a good day!!!


The McGihon Family said...

Safety First makes a GREAT child lock for the oven, dishwasher ECT Trust me-we have one too! Go to their website and check it out :) We too have a monster living at home with us!

Webb Family said...

I really shouldn't be laughing but I am! Wait until they hit the "two's" HaHa

Vacation Mommy said...

Forget the bungee cords-I think you need duct tape! (for the appliances, not the children please!)