Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Haircutting is Better Left to the Professionals!

I must be crazy! I decided to cut the boys' hair. The bulldozer went first, it was not too bad, it went well. So I moved on to the next boy... oh the horror. I think I have ruined the poor kid. You see, I just wanted to trim up the sides and the back, someone thought one of them was a girl, I had to do something, I mean really, I was doing it for their own good, I was saving their little boy masculinity...right?

The munchkin was crying and moving and I had already done one boys' hair, I couldn't just leave his hair long. So I did my best to get him to stop moving, first time the clippers touched his head he moved and the clippers jumped up to a spot where hair SHOULD be...but, no longer is. I had to make it even, so the back is short, not like I shaved his head short, more like I SHOULD shave his head, short. I have pics, I am contemplating posting them. I am so embarrassed, and devastated just because I was:

  1. Impatient

  2. Cheap, I could NOT see spending $30 at Supercuts for a little trim, yes it is for two kids but really? Why pay someone for something you can do yourself.... Ha Ha Ha

  3. Ridiculous, what in the world was I thinking? Did I really think that putting something that was buzzing, on their head was going to just be accepted by them?
Here is the pictures, I will share them, if you see us out in public you won't need to laugh at them because you already got the sneak preview.

Bulldozer before

and afterThis is the way it was supposed to turn out, lucky boy!"Help, my Mom is about to cut my hair!"The Munchkin before
And here is the poor dear, he still is cute though, from the front:)My Husband will be deciding in the morning if they need to have their heads shaved. Only the munchkin would NEED it shaved, but you can't just shave one of them so.....
I will keep you posted.


Vacation Mommy said...

It will grow. (that's all I can write without laughing!!!) How about a hat?

Webb Family said...

I always cut Teagan's hair so I understand! I only use the scissors because I am afraid of the clippers!!

Hailey said...

Way to go! Keep practicing! I ruined a few haircuts of my brothers and then shaved it afterwards like Brad suggested. After a few times I got better. I started cutting Derek's hair in college when we were married and we haven't paid for a haircut in 9 years - that $2169 savings if you spent $20 a month!! It's worth it.