Tuesday, April 8, 2008

All about the bulldozer

I laughed the first time I read that a mother of twins would use bungee cords to keep the chairs tucked into the dinner table.
I thought it was an absurd idea, seriously, why would you need to do that?


The Bulldozer is out of control. He can climb onto chairs and then onto the dinner table, in three seconds flat.

Once up there he throws things off the table dumps out glasses and spins around in a circle.

This is a new trick so we are not used to pushing in all the chairs and removing all the items off the table.

We are buying bungee cords tomorrow!

On another note, I caught the little terror trying to blog today. It was so cute to see him at the computer, until he started pressing keys.
Just thought I would share.


Vacation Mommy said...

I am glad you have a sense of humor about it! I am also glad you are using the bungee cords for the chairs and not the children! This too, shall pass...

Carrie said...

Hi Kristen!! I happened upon your blog via Hailey's blog. So FUNNY about the bungee cords! Never thought of that! I have your quilt pattern! Sorry we missed the park today, didn't want to get the boys out in the wind. See you soon.

Crazymamaof6 said...

too cute at the computer! but NO FUN! with the table climbing! the things we are forced to do as parents to keep our kids safe. my friend took all the real chair and put them in the garage. and only had folding chairs at the table that they would fold when they were done, and tie them to the table. so there was no climbing under the table and getting stuck.