Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good News And Other News

Okay we went to Loma Linda today for our monthly BPD appointment. How did it go you ask? well here is a rundown of the day...
  • I got lost getting there, as always. I think I got it this time though, next time it won't happen, I hope.
  • Three children went with me, plus one very large blanket, a bottle of Clorox Anywhere spray, a small towel, a bag full of toys and one jam packed lunch box.
  • I quickly had to spray down the entire floor in the doctors office while giving the kids portions of their lunch. Then I put the blanket down and when they were done eating, put tons of toys on the blanket. I wanted to bring the pak n' play but it wouldn't fit in the bottom of the stroller.
  • The munchkin cooperated and stayed on the blanket, which is really all I needed, somewhere safe for him so I could tend to the bigger kids.
  • All would have gone better if we hadn't had to be there for 3 hours.
  • The Munchkin graduated from the BPD clinic today. They said he has no signs of his Chronic Lung Disease that he was diagnosed with at birth. We no longer have to go to the BPD clinic anymore. They said he may have allergies or asthma later but we won't know about that until that time comes.
  • We do however, have to continue seeing the GI doctor, but we can see her at her office instead of her going to the BPD clinic on only Tuesdays. We can now schedule appointments for my Husbands day off and in the morning!
  • The Munchkin has to have to procedures done this month, a PH probe to find out the degree of his acid reflux, which we have had before, and something else where he has to drink something to watch it go into his digestive tract. He is having these because in one month we are going to see if he is gaining weight steadily (he gained 2 ounces this month), if he is not she will already have the evaluation part of the g-tube process done so she can put it in without any delays. She doesn't want to waste any time. She is giving him a chance this month to gain but we need serious prayers that he can do it!

I wanted to post a little video of the Munchkin eating, he really is doing so well. He used to throw-up when anything thicker than liquid touched his tongue. I am so proud of him! He is quite the little ham when I pull out the camera:)


Webb Family said...

so cute!!

Vacation Mommy said...

Your kid is so adorable! I can't believe what you do in a day. You need to clone yourself! Love the new blog look-cute!

The McGihon Family said...

keep up the good work big boy!

Catherine & Morgan said...

Ok... Seriously, I don't know how you do it ALL. Your kitchen and house seem so clean too! You are amazing and your family is blessed to have you.

Hailey said...

Vivien and I have enjoyed watching the video OVER and OVER. While she thinks Nathan is very talented at his eating, her love affair with Logan is taking over and she says "i want to watch logan now please". oh my!

I love your priority for blogging - that is why I haven't blogged much myself lately - everything else needs to come first! Smooches - have a great weekend!!

Grandma Gingerbread said...

My dearest wonderful fam,

How lucky I am to share these experiences, first hand. Please do not hesitate to let me know when you need my help...you are the best part of my life!

Grandma Gingerbread