Sunday, April 13, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

We seriously have been so busy. My Husband was off Thursday and Friday (new schedule AGAIN!) So we always try to cram as much family time, project completing and two-parent & alone time activities in that we can. I started a purse that I have been wanting to make, I got a haircut, I went to the bank, I went shopping at Old Navy, which was fun until I tried clothes on (Yuck). I am much jigglier(is that a word?) in a dressing room mirror than I thought. Then my Husband planted tomatoes, and worked on the yard, made a trip to the grocery store and cleaned up more of the garage.
Thursday night we went to the park, it was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time.

Friday we were also busy can't remember what we did all day but we picked up the Prince from school and then went to get dinner at Carls' Jr. Then off to t-ball practice. It was so much easier to have help at practice. I told my Husband that I felt like I was on vacation having him there to help. It was a treat for him because he never gets to be a part of those things. After practice, a friend of the Prince came over so her parents could go out to a movie. The kids had a blast, we rented Alvin and the chipmunks so when it was too dark to play outside they watched that. She left kinda late,which was fine, just all the kids were exhausted. The two big kids didn't go to bed until 10.

Saturday morning we had to be out of the house by 8am for a t-ball game. And by we I mean 4 kids and me, no husband. It was umm, terrible. I barely got to watch the game because the boys were sad. So I walked and walked. After the game, there was no snack. Whichever parent was in charge of snack forgot. I know it wasn't our turn because we did it last week. anyway the Prince was sad, so I had to promise him a cookie when we got home. Our city doesn't allow drive-thrus so unless I wanted to drive to the next city, a cookie is all I could promise. The we cam home and cleaned, cleaned. cleaned. At 4 we had to be at The Princes' school for a "spring fling". It sort of a carnival. The Prince got to have his best friend from pre-school and his family join us. It was so much fun. We stayed until it was over at 7. Everyone was exhausted. After washing the filthy children and giving them a snack, they all gladly went to bed, AND they didn't wake up until 7:45! Yeah for everyone!

My Husband is off at work form 7-3:30 and then we are going out together, no kids. There is a worship night at a local church we are going to. They were at our church last week but we couldn't go. We are so excited, it is a much needed break for some grown-up conversation and worship. What could be better than that?
The new haircut I was on the phone with my best friend, JodyAt the park

The Cotton Candy was a big hit for our friends' son and the Princess

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Crazymamaof6 said...

busy busy! cute pictures and hope you had a fabulous date with your hubby!