Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An Update

Having just two kids last night was really, easy. It was strange how different it was. We were playing on the floor and laughing and the Princess laughed so hard she peed her pants. Normally the fun would have to end before anyone got to that point because someone would start crying. Anyway, the Princess came into my room at 3:30 and the Bulldozer woke up at 3:45 he fell back asleep after 15min. I however started thinking- what if we are thinking this is all routine and he'll be fine and he's not. What if he gets an infection or there is damage to his intestinal lining that causes his sweet little body even more trouble than he has already had in his short little life? I called my friend in Boston crying(she is the only one who would be awake at 4:30 my time) She assured me that he would be fine but so I would feel better to call the hospital. So I did, they told me he had an x-ray scheduled for 7am and still there was nothing going on in any diapers. That worries me-it means nothing is moving even after 2 doses of laxatives-he did throw up both times. Oh and also when they were putting in his IV they had to try three times and got it in the fourth time. He is being tortured-it's not fair-he has been through so much since the beginning. I am frustrated and worried and sad for him.

The x-ray this morning showed that the battery hadn't moved. That is not the best news, I haven't heard anything else.

Oh, when I dropped my oldest off at school today(he gets dropped off with me in the morning when he is at his dad's and I take him to school) there was a police barricade blocking part of the street-apparently there was a homicide last night in the apartments across the street. That's unnerving.

Yesterday I was so cranky because of everything that was going on and my son had two friends over-they were going in and out and the door was being left open and I was very aggravated. So I told the boys that the munchkin was at the hospital and I said so i am very cranky-so to please just pick somewhere to be and stay there. The neighbor boy said"Yeah she is stressed, you can see it on her face!" I thought that was funny, and hey I warned them!
Please keep praying, thank you!


4 under 4 said...

How scary! I will be thinking about your little guy, and I hope that things (I am sure they will) get back to "normal" at your house soon! I know your "normal" is probably like my "normal", and crazy on even the best day! I am following your blog regularly now....:)

Shannon B. said...

Praying for you guys, hang in there. Love, Shannon

Mommy2HayLo said...

I've been praying for Baby Nathan. So glad to have recieved the update of good news from Kerri. GOD IS GOOD!!
See you tomorrow.

Holly said...

You're family is in my prayers - especially the munchkin. Keep us updated - hopefully I'll see you tomorrow morning. xo!

Webb Family said...

Praying for you all! See you tomorrow hopefully.