Monday, May 12, 2008

The Reason I Haven't Been Posting

We have been painting, removing carpet and putting in a wood floor in our living room/dining room/ hallway. We had no furniture in for 5 days. Then pieces have slowly been trickling in as we complete sections. We still have the linen and coat closet to finish the floor and the trim almost everywhere. My Husband is my hero!! He has been working like a dog to complete this project. We have done all the work ourselves, I was able to help in the earlier phase with painting and ripping up carpet and laying parts of the floor, but now we are in the measuring and cutting phase and I am unable to do it. He has been non-stop working between regular work and this. I am amazed by how he can do this. The TV was outside for so long that our oldest asked if we could move it to a new spot. They were sick of watching it through the sliding glass door. Here are before and after pictures (As far as we are right now)

Helpers taking a break from pulling up the carpet pad. I even enlisted the neighbor boy who thought he was coming over to play!
I had to put in a picture of Mr. Marvelous!

The amazing thing is that he has never done this before, any of the projects he has completed he does some quick research and then busts them out like a pro. Seriously, look at this he is awesome!!!!


Holly said...

I LOVE it!! It looks soooo good! I love the paint color you picked out also - you guys did a great job!! Aren't hubs so handy!!! Looks like Brad did an awesome job!!

Shannon B. said...

It looks awesome, you guys did a great job. We have wood like that in our kitchen and dining room, it's much cozier than tile. How did you survive without your kitchen table for that long??
Also, did I tell you about my new blog?
See you wednesday, Shannon B.

Catherine & Morgan said...

Wow! Brad is a super stud! It really looks so good. Enjoy your new home!

Webb Family said...

Looks good!!

Crissy said...

That looks so great! Nice job enlisting the neighbor kids! You are so cute! Enjoy your new rooms! =)