Monday, May 26, 2008

This is Definitely Not Routine

Well my husband is currently in Loma Linda, and not for one of our monthly visits either. He is there because the battery (read an earlier post for the complete story) has not made an appearance in the munchkins diaper yet. We were supposed to wait only 48 hours but because he was not cranky (well unusually cranky) I gave him some extra time. He has been fine and things have been "moving right along" so to speak since he swallowed it. This afternoon however was a different story-he woke up 1 hour into his 3 hour nap. This never happens, he loves his sleep. So at first I thought the battery could be bothering him, but dismissed it when he seemed hungry. Then he started screaming so I called my trusty husband at work "Do I need to come home and take him to the ER?" (I love this man, he would do anything for us.) "Well maybe" I said, "let me see I'll call you back." So after a few minutes the Munchkin calms down so I call Hubby and tell him "never mind he is fine just tired." Well 20 mins later I call back-and the poor baby is screaming again. "Yeah I think we should take him" Okay so hubby comes home and they leave. Hubby calls with an update-"The battery is still in there and we are going to take him to Loma Linda by ambulance and I need formula, clothes, diapers...blah, blah, blah..." Ambulance is all I heard. My sweet little Angel is going in an ambulance and once again I am not there to comfort him. They gave him a laxative and want to monitor him and make sure it comes out okay and that it is not stuck. That is all I know I will update when I know more.


Webb Family said...

Poor Guy, I hope everything comes out o.k. :)

Charity Donovan said...

Oh girl...I am soooo sorry! I can only imagine how worried you are! I'm sure he will be fine. I'll be thinking & praying for you guys!