Sunday, May 18, 2008

Slip n' Slide!

We purchased a slip n' slide at Target for $10.00, we have never had one before and my oldest hasn't even seen it yet because he is at his dad's this week. The little ones LOVED it. The munchkin totally preferred to sit in the shade on a towel (with out the grass touching him he is so sensitive that the grass feels like sand paper to him). The other two were having a blast just attempting to slide.

The Munchkin enjoying himself-I had to keep basting him with cool water, it was around 100 degrees!They were sitting on the back bumper together, but of course they moved before I could catch it! After coming inside she emptied the swimming bag and had to put everything on.

She decided that jumping over the back was way more fun than trying to slide. The bulldozer though she was hilarious.

I posted on my other blog about our doctors appointment from Friday. No feeding tube- you can read more here

Also I have been thinking about revealing the names of my children. If anyone could give me feedback as to why they have or have not given real names on their blogs and how they feel about it. I really like my kids names, I want to use them. But I get scared every time I think about revealing them. Any input would be helpful. Thanks

Have a great day! We are having a BBQ and some more slip n' slide fun when Daddy gets off work! He wasn't here for the festivities yesterday so we need to involve him in the hilarity.

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Hailey said...

I hear you on the posting their names issue. I actually wondered initially if I should even do a blog! Then I came to the decision that i'm not going to make a decision based on fear. If someone wanted to know your children's names, they could easily find them out - heck - I've probably posted them in a comment un-knowingly. oops! Whatever you decie is the right decision for you!! See you in the morning. Rest well friend.