Monday, May 12, 2008

Ahhh Mother's Day

Mine was awful right up until my Husband got off work. I was crying and frustrated and it wasn't pretty. The children were not listening, not at all unusual but I guess I thought that because it was Mother's Day they would all be on their best behavior, wow was wrong. I met up with my sweet husband when he got off work and he had a coffee grinder for me and a beautiful card. We then went to Costco and then out to dinner to a pizza place, they had video games there so the big kids had a blast. Funny things that were said while at the pizza place:

The Prince: (Holding a five dollar bill) says to my husband, "Can I waste this?"

The Princess: "Daddy, Daddy I need more dollars!"

The Princess:(Before leaving) Daddy, I need more money" Daddy replies, "I don't have anymore" The Princess then says, " Yes you do Daddy, look in your pockets!"

We had fun. It was good to get out of the crazy house. Maybe the nice night last night prepared us for utter chaos today. This morning I wasn't feeling well so my Sweet husband took the kids to the Munchkins' therapy. I came home to rest. I got to nap until about 10am when I got a phone call from Stater Bros. that my husband was stranded there because the car wouldn't start. He had three kids with him,poor guy. His cell phone refuses to work in many places, and that is one of them. When I got there the Princess was in a diaper I asked what that was about and he told me she said she had to pee right in the middle of all the chaos, Welcome to my world! I picked all of them up in the car, we had to squish the car seats in the back. Drove over to Wal-Mart to buy a new battery and jumper cables (just in case we could get it to start) We were able to get it to start but by the time we got home it was 11:15. My Husband has to leave for work at 11:40 so he didn't have much time to even eat. Hopefully tomorrow will go better.

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