Saturday, March 15, 2008


First time at bat!
He's the one facing the camera, next to the coach
I made it through the t-ball game!!! It was rough, especially at first when the princess told me she had to go potty right when the prince walked away to get the team picture taken. The coach looked after him for me and I picked up the princess and pushed the double stroller as fast as possible. The bathrooms were really far away. On my way there a woman that I had sort of known from a mommy group 6 years ago saw me and asked how I was. I replied.. "Ummmm not good she has to go potty and the bathrooms are really far away...." She said " Do you want me to watch the boys for you?" "YES, please they should be fine..." as I was running toward the bathrooms. When I returned, I hugged her. She totally saved me. Another thing that was soooo hard was that the princess kept finding these stinkin' seeds on the ground. She thought they were neat so they caused her to stop..... and look.... and pick up..... and inspect..... and drop..... and pick up..... I Love that she is so curious, but not when I am on a schedule, or if babies are crying. So I would scoop her up and while carrying her she would of course drop her seed then cry.... ahhhh my seed. Oh my goodness!

The Prince really seems to enjoy baseball, he is focused, which is new for us. I don't know if it is the sport or that he is just maturing. I am so proud of him. He is doing so well in school also, he is growing up quickly.

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Hailey said...

Praise the Lord! You made it to the bathroom with princess AND were able to get pictures!