Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My landscaper

Okay at first when my Husband started showing an interest in the backyard I thought I was going to lose my mind. He was spending so much time outside, but who can blame him it's crazy in our house. When we moved in the yard was dirt and he has worked and worked to make it the beautiful yard that it is. Now that projects are completing I really appreciate all his hard work.
He is amazing. There is still more to do but it has to happen in stages because we don't have endless amounts of money. He has made and amazing garden with cilantro, parsley, strawberries and dill. Tomatoes, Peppers, squash and spinach will be coming soon. We have a new tree, a Bradford pear. We have gardenias, calla lillies, jasmine, a lemon tree and other plants. He built the walkway on the side of the house, he worked so hard on it and it looks amazing. I just wanted to share some of his hard work. I will post more picture as projects are completed. His First Rose!!! The walkway before he planted the Calla Lilies
Straightening the creeping fig

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Hailey said...

Gorgeous Yard Brad!! Great post. . . love all the items in the garden. It gives us hope as we have a dirt back yard too!

Welcome to the bloggin world - you've done great!