Thursday, March 6, 2008


Everyone is sick. Not one of us got a good night sleep last night. Actually that is not all that unusual for me but for everyone else it is not so good. I am going to need to do some serious praying today for help, energy, patience and the ability to be kind when it would be much easier not to be. I am so tired my eyes are burning, that usually doesn't happen until much later in the day... it's only 10am. I will be needing coffee and lots of it. Ooh I wonder if everyone would nap at the same time so I could get a nap? Probably not, that only happens when I am not tired and I have nothing to do... which is never.


Holly said...

Aawww Kristen I'm so sorry!! Seriously let me know if there's anything I can ever do for you. I can't even imagine. You are such a strong woman, mom, everything... But really, please call if you ever need ANYTHING!

Hailey said...

how is Friday going? Did you get sleep last night?