Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bedtime... well sort of

Here is what transpired last night at our house:

Midnight: DH and I went to bed too late. Yes that is way later than the normal 10:30 but I was very busy reading other people's blogs and he was studying.

2:30: My cell phone alarm goes of to remind me to take my antibiotics tonight is the last night of that, thank goodness!

4:00 The princess comes in to my room for a drink of water, carrying of course her pink bear, white bunny and small pink baby. She tries to lay in bed with us but when I realize that the crew she brought with her is taking up more room than I am getting, she is brought back to her bed.

4:15 The bulldozer wakes up, he has been teething lately (molars) and he has just been beside himself. Replaced pacifier. Back to bed.

4:25: Same baby wakes up this time he is not falling for pacifier replacement. Pick him up try to get him to lay down in our bed not working.

4:35: I give motrin for fever

4:40: The munchkin wakes up, he needs a bottle. (The loud screams from his brother woke him up) DH takes over with the first baby, I relay that I gave motrin.

4:50: DH walks past the boys room where I am feeding the munchkin.
DH: Did you give motrin?
Me: Yes
Then he continues on into the kitchen. I put the munchkin back to bed. Return to my room.

4:55 Me: What did you do in the kitchen?
DH: I gave him motrin.
Me: WHAT???? I told you I gave him motrin
DH: I asked you if I could give him motrin, and you said yes. (This is certainly not the first time we have misunderstood eacher in the middle of the night.)

4:57 Me: Hello, poison control, my son just got two doses of motrin within 15 minutes.
Poison Control: He will be fine he will probably just have a stomach ache.

5:15 everyone is back to bed

5:30 Bulldozer wakes up crying, falls back to sleep. Due to the stomach ache I am sure.

6:00 Bulldozer wakes up crying, falls back to sleep

7:30 Bulldozer wakes up cranky, and well so do DH and I, for lack of sleep of course.


Hailey said...

I know i'm probably not supposed to laugh at that story - but I was giggling by the end. I pray that tonight you sleep better and I'll give you a hug at church tomorrow. Love ya girl!

Jody said...

Oy Vey!