Saturday, November 29, 2008


My first born, my sweet boy is seven today. It is amazing to me that he is growing so quickly. I look at his face and I see my sweet baby. Don't get me wrong, he has always been a busy boy, climbing and exploring, but he has also always been very kind. He is amazing smart and in his recent report card he is reading far above second grade level and he is 6 months to a year (in age) behind his peers. I am so proud of his curiosity and his ability to retain information. Sometimes I will be reading something to him and I will think he isn't listening so I will ask him what I just said-expecting him to say ummm I don't know, he will repeat the sentence word for word. I on the other hand have to go back and re-read it to make sure he is right because I can't remember it, and I am the one who read it! His favorite TV show when he was 3 was Jeff Corwin and The Crocodile Hunter and he can remember facts from those shows forever! He is so patient with me and with the boys (and the girl) who destroy his things. He is flexible from having to bounce from his Dad's house to mine form week to week. I will spout off a million directions to him when I am stressed and he will do them. And if I ask him to make the boys stop crying or to play with them he will. He is my Prince and I am so grateful to God for him.

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday and since everyone was already here we decided to have a sort of surprise party. When we said it was time for pie and everyone was in the dining room I came from the bedroom with a birthday cake and we started singing. He was so surprised! and the look on his face made me cry. WE had some trick candles on the cake which was hilarious. He hugged me while I was cutting the cake. He was smiling so big! We had gone with one of his friends to "Pump it up" (an inflatable party zone) and then to Hometown Buffet last weekend so we said that he wasn't really going to get much else. We decided a few days ago to do the surprise thing and I am so glad we did. Al the pictures I have of him as a baby are in a scrapbook or in a box and I don't have a scanner so I took pictures from my scrapbook.


Webb Family said...

Happy Seventh!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

So sweet- don't they grow so fast! My eldest will be 7 in March- I'm not ready!!! WAUGHHHHH!

Cherish Every Moment said...

Aww, Happy Belated Birthday!
I remember so clearly, sitting in your living room up in the cove, holding him when he was only weeks old! (That's my thumb in one of the pictures in your scrap book!) Ha ha! What a sweet boy! "Ya done good!" :)